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Mrs Negative embraces her tardy Positive. Life after IVF and loving the son I never thought I'd have.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's impossible to fill you in on our last 3 years, here's the shortened version. I am 33, Peter is 37. We married in 2002. TTC straight away. 12 months no success. Enter Doctor. Sperm, Good. Blood test, Good. Uterus, Bad. Didelphys Uterus discovered (split into 2 cavities) but not a medical reason to be infertile. TTC 6 months. No Success. Clomid 6 months. Ovulatin, Good. No success. Enter Doctor. HSG X-ray confirms Blocked Left Fallopian tube. Problem. The split uterus & blocked tube combine to make natural conception very unlikely. Enter IVF. Consult...Nod...freak out...decide to shelve it because I'm a chicken. Build a a new house instead & pray for a pregnancy miracle. 12 months on. New House is Brillant! Lucked out on the miracle though. IVF time again. I needed a new referal by this stage, so back to Gyno where I tell him about some abnormal bleeding in between cycles & pain in my abdomen. Ordered ultra sounds. Bingo. Now my right tube is completely blocked & a nice polyp had set up camp in my uterus. Gyno wants IVF's opinion on possible tubal removal. IVF won't touch me with a 10 foot pole until those tubes are out. Just when I got brave too! Fast forward to now. Gyno is scheduling surgery for July to remove 2 x tubes & polyp. Meet with new IVF Doctor in August to begin cycle.
So, three years on, we have lived & loved, laughed & cried, bided our time. All around us, fertility rules with an iron fist. Babies, babies everywhere..just not for us. We've come a long way and yet, we are still at the very beginning. Hang On tight!


Blogger Drew said...

I know how you feel Simone.

Some days I feel like shit, other days I feel like - hey, I need to move on and get on with my life.

I just had my 6th (maybe 7th, I've lost count because I had a few dud cycles that didn't go through in between) so far. I have done everything under the sun - clomid, injections, IVF, blastocysts, had an ovary and tube taken out to `improve' my chances. Three months - still nothing.

I wish you much success on your upcoming surgery in July - get yourself cleaned up and you will have a better chance!

Blogger Anna H. said...

Hey Simone,

Saw your comment over at Susan's blog and just wanted to wish you the best with your surgery -- I hope that it will be as much of a relief for you as it was for me. I wasn't expecting to have my tubes out (went in for fibroid removal), but knew it was a possibility and damn, if I don't feel so much better now...

Thinking of you and will be checking back often to see how you're doing.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I'm so glad I can put a name to a blog! *so to speak* Good luck. I'll be following your story. Hopefully we'll both be pregnant very very soon.

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