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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thanks, Mother Nature.

After reading about "Serenity's Septum" I was prompted to write about my own
"Unique Ute". I have a Didelphys Uterus.
It looks like this (except bloodier)

One cervix leads into two equal sized uteri cavities. One fallopian tube joins one uteri. Well, the fallopian tube "did" join until I had them ripped out 2 years ago. Quirky, no?

The "Baby" has taken up residence in the left cavity. Reminding me of a Beyonce the left, to the left....

Complications involved with pregnancy and a Didelphys Ute include pre-term labour and compromised space for baby. Does anyone else have an unusual ute? Or do you just want to talk about mine? *wink*


Blogger StellaNova said...

Hey! It's go great to hear your news. It's an exciting and scary place to be in. I hope all goes well for you. On the ute question, I think mine is fairly normal, except for the undoubtedly extensive scarring from my fibroid surgery 2 years ago.

Blogger Von said...

Warning: Must apply bad french accent.

Ma petite "je ne sais quoi", c'est uneeeeee fantastique exempplllle du perfectionnneee.
Mon Dieu, ze hairrrrdo might be peut-etre messed up? Non? Ou les ongles......

Blogger PCOSMama said...

Sorry, no weird uterus here, just weird polycystic ovaries.
Yours looks pretty cool though! Probably not what you'd expect to hear, but I've never seen on like it before! ;)

Blogger Krista said...

I have never seen or heard of that before, it is very interesting. The first thing I thought of was "a uterus built for two". Of course then I read that complications include not enough space for baby so yeah, I know that was a dumb idea, but still. I hope it doesn't cause you any problems and the baby is healthy and happy (if slightly on the small side).

Blogger Robin said...

Wow! That is amazing! Honestly, before blogging I had no idea that Ute's came in different varieties. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous mm said...

Yep, weird ute here. Specifically, bicornuate with a septum (until I had that sucker cut out a couple of years ago.)

Damn you, now I have that Beyonce song on repeat in my brain. To the left, to the left...

Congrats again. (Can't help it.)

Blogger Em said...

FAR OUT...I didn't realise your news!! Wow. Thanks for your support as well re. my recent post.xx

Blogger Becks said...

Yep I am a member of the ripped out fallopian tubes club too!

Blogger serenity said...

Hey yeah me too - bicornuate with a septum (which was mostly removed in January).

And yeah, now I have that song stuck in my head too. To the left... to the left...

Blogger topcat said...

What a beaut ute!! Mate, my twisted, downward cervix has nothing on that!! Im-press-ive.

"To the left, to the left ..."

Blogger Lut C. said...

You knew this before the FET, right? I mean you were mentally prepared for this.

Those are possible complications, I hope you escape them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have any cool ute stories, but I do have a SIL who has a uterus just like yours and didn't suffer any related complications during her pregnancies. Here's to your unique ute and the baby it's carrying.

Blogger heleen said...

Great place for twins! No co-sleeping but your own room from day one. What colour jump-suits for the ripped-out-fallo-tube-club members?

By the way I've got a new blog, just pics, with my dutch friend. We're responding to each others photographs. A bit of creativity as an antidote to the extreme boredom that almost a year of stay-at-home twin parenting brings with it. The worktitle is photototem.blogspot. Go and have a look at tell us what you think.

Blogger Ova Girl said...

Crikey Mony, I think that's the Uniquest Ute. Mother Nature - quite the creative lass really...

Blogger Bugsy said...

Congratulations hun - just catching up on all the news (yeah i know I am a little slow). Well done.

I have a slight bicornial ute myself - doc described it as heart shaped. Not too bad but he also told me the same stuff about how it can get crowded in there and that I might deliver early. (I hope not too early cause we haven't set the room up yet or anything!).

Good luck.

Blogger three minute palaver said...

delurking to say Congrats on the great U/S results and yep, I have Ute issues too (along with other IF issues). mines Bicornute like the other gals who commented above. and I'm hoping you avoid preterm labour and any other issues a didelphys ute is associated with. just wishing you much luck with this pregnancy.

Blogger TeamWinks said...

My diagnosis went from a unicornuate to bicornuate to unicornuate, but finally ended as a septum. Now with 100% less septum!

Congrats on the pregnancy. This is my first trip here, but will be back. :-)


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