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Thursday, June 23, 2005

What the doctor ordered...

"...Do you like Scotch?" the doctor asked me as I lay flat out on the operating table.
"Why yes! I do..." I answered through my oxygen mask.
He grinned and announced "'s about 120 Scotch's in one hit..." 3..2..1.. Blackout.
Ahhhhh....General Anaesthetic. Gotta love modern medicine.
My surgery was a success. I am officially sans fallopian. I really don't miss them at all.
"What A Mess" was apparently uttered a few thousand times during surgery. My doctor told me afterward that he was going to send his assistant to the corner if that phrase passed his lips one more time. My ovaries were covered in cysts, my tubes were fused to my ovaries & lots of adhesions. A curette completed the procedure & ample amounts of Morphine over the next 3 days made me sorta glad to be alive.
I spent 6 days in hospital & am now home, milking this for all it's worth. In the past 2 days my Mum has vacuumed & mopped my house & sorted all my laundry. Hubby has fluffed my pillows & gently helped me out of chairs/bed/lounge & I have had a stream of visitors bearing flowers, magazines & lunch. Who needs fallopian tubes with friends such as these?
Four key topics have romped through my head since my last update.

1. Owww. It hurts to cough, laugh, breathe.
2. I discovered Sex & The City on hospital TV repeats. How could I have missed this?
3. How is Danae? What's happening on her HPT/Cat live coverage?
4. Did that newsreader really just say that Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes?

Well...heaps of other stuff too, but I'd best save that material for my next post.


Anonymous jill said...

Hi, Simone,

First, I want to wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. I'm so sorry that you had to have your fallopian tubes removed and that you have had such troubles having a baby, and I hope that IVF will be a great success for you.

Second, thanks for leaving your comment on my blog; the part about the white Kleenex made me laugh! Your comment led me to discover your blog, which I have enjoyed reading.

Take care, and best wishes.


Anonymous kiwi said...

I'm glad you're back and doing well. Take good care of yourself!

Blogger Mellie said...

Simone, Glad that the surgery went well and may it be the first of many medical things to go well for you. Definitely continue to milk the recovery for all you can from Mom & husband.

And yes, I'm so sorry you had to come back to a world where Tom & Katie are getting married.

Blogger Chee Chee said...

I wish you a speedy recovery Simone! I am glad that you are surrounded by family and friends at this time. How long before you're back on your feet?

I am attempting to schedule a laparascopy in August. I also have cysts, may need to have a tube removed, fibroids, possible endo, etc. . . It sound like I too may be a real "mess" in there.

Take care!

Blogger Dramalish said...

Glad you're home and well.
And TomKat will soon be a married fusion of creepiness.

Unless they run naked with chickens--In which case, God Bless 'Em.


Blogger Anna H. said...

Who needs fallopian tubes with friends such as these?

Amen! I felt the same way when they took mine out...

You sound great -- I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling so good. My only bit of assvice is: rest, rest, rest.

Rest more than you think you need to.


Blogger Julie said...

Welcome home! MMMM Scotch, my kind of doctor! Good luck on your IVF.

Blogger Burnt Karma said...

I've been waiting to see how the op went. So glad they got all the baddie bits out. Sounds like it really was time for them to go!

The recovery is a beeeeyatch. Take it nice and easy, and look after your lower back. You won't feel it now, but you'll be putting more pressure on your back muscles to compensate for your sore tummy.

When you're feeling up to it, my ass-vice is to see a physio for some back strengthening exercises. You'll need it to help through the pregnancy.

I wish I could say "if only I'd known", but I did know, plenty of people told me to do back exercises, but did I listen? nooooo.

I can't be a good example, so let me be a horrible warning :-)

Sorry you had to hear about TomKat. It's really not condusive to recovery, is it?

Onwards and upwards to IVF.

Blogger Bugsy said...

Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally an update, yay!
glad to hear you are recovering well... MollyD

Blogger Internal Spring said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been through some really tough surgery. I hope you're continuously spoiled and pampered throughout your recovery and that you heal quickly.

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