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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Cooper had his first ride in a shopping trolley recently. Here he is, sitting up like a seasoned professional.

The sight of him perched up there had me bellowing with laughter! I was completely doubled over. The way he instinctively knew how to hold on made me roar even louder. In fact, all my squealing and clapping caused such a commotion that fellow shoppers were stopping and turning to look at us.
"It's his maiden voyage.." I quickly explained, composing myself. He swung his little feet back and forth.
He remained poker faced. He casually observed all the wares.

Thoroughly enjoying the view from his high vantage point. People stopped to say hello to him. I beamed from behind the washed potatoes.
Hysterical, I tell you!
Such little things are a complete joy to experience.
My baby.


Blogger EJW said...

My son took his maiden voyage at Trader Joe's and he was so funny that I took his picture. The checkout girl thought I was crazy until I told her "it's his first time riding like a big boy!"

Blogger Stacie said...

He's just adorable, Mony. I can't believe how big he is now! And I wanted to add that I completely understand your reaction to this first. I am doing a lot of that myself!

Much love,

Blogger OvaGirl said...

ooh what a lovely boy. and he's got an eye for a bargain, i can see that...

Blogger Jen said...

He is so cute! And I'm so glad you are enjoying even the smallest moments! It's these little things that make your heart melt!

Blogger Topcat said...

Dearest Miss Mones,

I read this post this morning, and kept thinking about it all day. I had an image of you, standing in the fruit and veg aisle at Coles (or Woolies) .... taking a photo of Cooper in his big grown up trolley seat. And your joy of taking said photo ... priceless.

Thank you for your love and support recently .... I still can't believe it either. It's something you watch on RPA sitting on the couch eating chocolate, thinking ohhh, how terrible.



I'm loving how you are loving Cooper. xoxoxoxox

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looks so wise. The thought of you squealing and clapping your hands over his "maiden voyage" makes me giggle, especially when I imagine him reacting with a serious composure.

The dog pic on my site is not Julio Rodriguez. That one is Capone, but I'll certainly post a pic of Julio now that you mention it.

Blogger Heather said...

What a sweet face!!!! I bet he had a great time! I'd be excited too. People always thought I was nuts the way I'd talk to my baby in the grocery store. I'd tell her what we were going to look for next. I know she couldn't talk back, but she knew everything I was talking about!

Blogger Em said...

Cooper is just divine. A real little man.

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

OMG Mony, he's adorable.
I love that story!!!! Go little Cooper, SHOP!!!

Blogger Caba said...

He's too cute ... my Jake is the same way. I bring him to the supermarket and he is really serious, and just kinda stares at everyone. Totally cracks me up!

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Such little things sure are a complete joy...


Love Love Love....


Blogger Tiff said...

HAHAHA. I was pretty much the same way when I took Nate out like that for the first time.
I don't know what it is, but FUNNY!!!
He is getting so BIG!

Blogger docgrumbles said...

He looks so cute!


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