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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alter Ego...

Sweet Boy has recently introduced his alter ego to the household. Holy....he be naughty!
Tantrums! Frequently!
Whining! Often!
Maybe it's teething.
Maybe he's exploring new boundaries.
Maybe he's just a tiny monster!

I have finally sought help for his constant night waking. We have a Karitane home assessment booked early next month. Cooper wakes on average 4 times a night. I haven't had a full night's sleep in 15 months & it's finally taking it's toll.
Bedtime is a battle. He cries & cries, standing up in his cot wailing until he vomits! I couldn't count how many hours I've spent on my hands & knees cleaning up cranky baby vomit. Little bugger!
I hope the Karitane co-ordinator knows what she's in for! Hee!

Other news includes the arrival of a precious new niece! My SIL was taken to the hospital in a flurry of super speedy contractions & before we could even gather our thoughts my brother was calling to declare little Ella had arrived! "She's adorable.." he told me. I scared Cooper with my excited high pitched squeals! Another little girl to sew for...and I wasted no time revving up the Pfaff!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you get the sleep (or lack of it) sorted out.

At least he is adorable!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My booger slept 12 hour nights while staying at my dad's house. I don't get it. That rarely happens here, and over there she did it three nights in a row.

Blogger Krista said...

Please tell me if you get any helpful advice on the sleep issue. My Boo does the same thing if you leave him in his bed to sleep. Works himself up to the point of vomitting and then takes twice as long to settle down because he is so worked up.

Blogger Drew said...

Hey Mony
Thanks for ur comment on my blog. Just want to give you some encuoragement - getting help for Cooper's sleep problem is a really good thing. I also had help at one stage, and lots of mums at playgroup sort public/private help as well. Everybody say it does wonders for their babies (and parents!). Good luck with it all!

Beaut quilt - I wish I have that talent. I cant even make baby food properly!

x Drew

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Hey Mony
Good luck with the clinic, I used one with DD and it worked like a thing I ever did....


Blogger Piccinigirl said...

congrats on your new Neice Mony!!!!

good luck with the clinic, Our little guys wake sometimes at night now too, I think teething and it's aching to hear them cry like they I'm TIRED and it makes it worse for all of us.
Hope they have some answers for you.


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