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Sunday, April 19, 2009


A blog entry for April.
Lazy bones is finally walking. Teetering & flailing...collapsing onto his lounge. His preferred mode of transport is still his 3 wheeled bike. He hurtles down the hall way, taking corners like a speedway racer. He just can't operate unless he has something on his head. A hat, a headband, a bowl!

Funny little bloke. He is completely in awe of "Toy Story"....over & over...infinity, beyond & back again. I know it word for word. My favorite line is "That's MR Potato Head to back stabbing murderer"...such fun for the kiddies. Oh and when Buzz is paging Star Command & ponders out loud "Why don't they ANSWER??" It's a total crack up.."The mystic portal awaits.." Man, I need to buy "Finding Nemo"
See you in May.....and "'s a Combat Carl.."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My stepbrother showed Zoey that movie, and she was entranced... she barely has the attention for a 20 minute cartoon on public television, but something about Disney. Magical.

Blogger Jen said...

I love the hats!! Adorable!! And I hear you on the disney movies, same thing with fairy tales... ie hansel and gretel almost cooked for dinner. All a little scary, even rock a by baby is not so great, why would we sing songs about the baby falling cradle and all. :)

Blogger Cibele said...

Nice hat! you are adorable

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

I too LOVE Toy Story!!!!! The boys are emamored with the BACKYARDIGANS at this point... :)

Love the pics, he's soooo gorgoeus Mony. A cuter boy cannot be found on that side of the world!!!!


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