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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hats & Bears

My son isn't a very affectionate boy. He rarely seeks cuddles or sits happily in my lap. He's far too busy.

He does however display immense love to his teddy. Both arms wrap teddy in a headlock. He spoons with Ted all night. I'm glad he has this security friend.

Similarly he will not wear a sunhat. Even for a second. BUT give him his Tonka hardhat & he puts it on his noggin for hours. He'll eat dinner with his hard hat on. He'll watch tele in his hard hat.
Tough enough for a hard hat...mushy enough for a teddy cuddle. A perfect blend for my boy.


Blogger Piccinigirl said...

oh that's so sweet, I love that story. He is a perfect mix of little boy. Coop you are such a cutie!!!

Blogger docgrumbles said...

sounds like a very loveable and complex little boy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I employed the 'we can't go outside if we don't wear a hat' trick and as soon as my daughter takes it off she must come inside. She loves playing outside so much that this has worked really well. Plus she saw an episode of the Fairies where Rhapsody got sunburnt and has watched this many times so understands the need a bit better.


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