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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Guilty..Your Honour

Meanwhile, back in surburbia..... Mrs Negative debated whether taking a shower or watching "Little House on the Prairie" was the more important.
As if there is even a debate in that.
Personal hygiene be damned.
Pa had to beat up 2 bullies in Walnut Grove today. Well, the bullies did lay their grimy mitts on Carolyn. And made her drop a basket of fresh eggs. I reckon a beating was the very least they deserved. But poor Pa got his ass whooped. It was 2 against 1. Even being a righteous dude won't help you in a rumble with the devils work. Luckily it all ended well. 3 broken ribs, a few black eyes & much turning of the cheek later "Justice Prevailed". The township joined forces & marched the bully brothers out of Walnut Grove. Even the Preacher joined the angry mob. I just wish they could have stampeded over little Nellie Olsen, even if by accident.
Nellie Olsen. Was there ever a more evil, pinched, robotic villan?

I am a little worried about myself.
Not for the fact that I am still recovering from surgery. I am worried about how much I am enjoying recovering.
I am a girl who normally works 9 to 5, Mon. - Fri. and still has ample hours in her day to submerge in slothing. Take away the working part...and that just leaves 24 hours of slothing.
Should I feel guilty? Or should I just shovel another muffin into my gob..and brush the crumbs onto the floor for my dog to enjoy.
Whoa! Have I completely lost my mind? What the hell am I doing on the computer? Sex and the City started 3 minutes ago! Now watch how fast a recouperating, self confessed slob can shuffle from Point A to Point B and still manage to tie back her tangled hair, lest it get in the way of the TV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhh sweet, sweeeeet television... I see we have more in common that just absent tubes....
relax and enjoy the recovery..

Blogger Bugsy said...

Nellie Olsen OMG I had forgotten how vile she was. I adore little house on the prairie. Growing up I poured over the books and I was soooo upset that I was growing up in the this modern world. All I wanted was to get up at the break of day, work hard all day and sleep when the sun went down. Oh and someone to call "Pa".

I am glad you are feeling a little better. Enjoy the break while you can (it is back to work for me tomorrow).

Take care chicky - thinking of you.

Anonymous Jill said...

I hear ya! It's sad to say, but some of my most relaxing days have involved lazing around the house in my nightgown watching TV. Recovering from surgery is the perfect excuse to wallow in the joy of total slothdom. I'm glad that you're able to enjoy it!

Take care and get well soon.


Blogger Mellie said...

That was a funny post!

And as for feeling guilty? Screw that! Grab another muffin, and maybe a napkin, and enjoy. They'll be enough 9 to 5 days to come.

Blogger Chee Chee said...

Too funny! BTW -- I totally agree with you on the Nellie Olson thing. What an evil little girl!

Enjoy your recovery time!

Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Aaah, Nellie Olsen! I remember it well. I always wanted to wear those cute checked headscarves.

Glad to hear you are recovering. Even though I did not make it to transfer after IVF, I still really enjoyed the 5 days hanging about the house watching crap TV.

Blogger Anna H. said...

I have to tell you, 7 weeks after my surgery and 1 week after returning to work: the time you're enjoying now is a lovely, lovely time. And it sounds to me like you're spending it wisely...

I too am a slothful type who happily enjoys just hanging out, but I've often worried about things I *should* be doing. Recovery from surgery was the first time I've truly let go in years and years -- maybe even since I was a kid -- and felt like I even got a taste of that elusive state that I didn't think I'd ever know: living in the moment. Listening to the birds, enjoying a beautiful day, watching the dogs play. Not worrying about anything else. After years of IF stress that was (and still is) a gift.

So, I'm glad you have this time, Simone, and you're enjoying it.

Sending all healing thoughts to those innards of yours.


Blogger Lili said...

Fantastic blog! Thanks for writing.

I say eat muffins and be merry, milk it for all it's worth. Life has been pretty darn hard to you - you deserve a brief hiatus!

Best of luck for your new journey into the wonderful (?) world of IVF.

Blogger Dramalish said...

Do you read Steinbeck? (East of Eden in particular) I have a theory that the villaness in that novel -Kathy- is what Nellie Olsen would be if she was a sociopath.
Who knows if Steinbeck was a Laura Ingols Wilder fan, huh?
Get better soon,

Blogger shell said...

You must not post any more until you are fully recovered (ie. you're absolutely sick of TV). And if you must post during your "recovery" period darling then it must be all about TV. Glad you are feeling well sounding a little better. Hugs to you

Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Work be damned, sloth away!

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