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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Tortoise & the Hare

When battling infertility you get used to being patient.

You don't get a choice in this matter.

Even if you're hopeless at waiting you soon conform.

'Tis the only way. Infertility is a fusion of minutes, hours, months and years that drag by at a painful pace. You think ahead in time allotments of cycles. Nothing ever happens tomorrow. It's always next September...or after Christmas....or when my heart can stand to take another step. The future becomes blurry and it's a place you're sure you'll never arrive at.

It's so different here in "I'm Pregnant" land. It's strange how quickly things move along. It's an unfamiliar concept for an infertile. Imagine after 3 short months that there is progress. There are achievements & milestones....and they come seemingly without even trying. No pills, no needles, no bruises. You just sit back & watch the belly grow. You calculate the coming weeks & gasp when you realise you are already a third of the way through your pregnancy. In 6 months you'll have a baby in your arms (oh, pleeeease) 6 months? OMG. There is no time for procrastinating. Not a minute.
Can you remember back to the day your IF journey began? We all know the anniversary day of when we started ttc...imagine if your entire journey was only going to take 9 months instead of 36 or 50 or like me, 60 months?

Gestation is just 9 short, blessed months.
And after all the waiting endured, the lightening quick minutes of pregnancy are the sweetest gift.


Blogger PCOSMama said...

It truly is amazing! 6 months - wow! And in just a short 2 months, you can find out the baby's sex! Any suspicions yet?

Glad to hear that time is passing so quickly and smoothly for you - after waiting so long, you deserve a nice, enjoyable pregnancy!

Blogger topcat said...

Hello to you over there in "I'm Pregnant land!!" After 60 MONTHS ... I hope you truly enjoy every second, every milestone, every day.

Blogger Thalia said...

congratulations on getting this far, Mony, it is a wonderful process (although amazingly it can still feel a bit slow at times!)

Blogger LabiaLady said...

Near the end of my pregnancy, I just couldn't help staring at the 000 wondersuits that I had washed in preparation for hospital. After 6 IVFs I desperately wanted to see them filled.

6 months to go.... BRING IT ON!

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

I understand you completely !
Although I hadent been ttc as long as you have, all of my surgeries and problems all festered to create paranoia on my end since 2003. It's funny how my next ultrasound is next week, and Im ok with that- it dosnt seem so far away! We have to enjoy this time- morning sickness and all!

Blogger Lut C. said...

The sense of time is different, the time horizon mostly.

I'm glad you feel things are progressing quickly. :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Mony. I hope I can stay in pregnant land with you. I want to watch my belly grow.

Blogger Kristi said...

Pregnantland is indeed a strange place after languishing in infertility world for so long. But you're on a journey of hope now, with the promise of holding your baby in your arms in just a few short months. And even though you'll never forget what you went through to have him/her, it's quite amazing what motherhood can do for your previously dejected state of mind.

Blogger Bumble said...

Oooh, its feeling so slow to me at the moment, but I'm just so blessed and grateful to be in this wait. Mine was a 72 month wait, so I'm sure another 8 won't kill me! So glad everythings going so well x

Blogger heleen said...

wow 60 months.... And then 9 months.... And before you know it you'll be celebrating a first birthday party. phew! where did time go indeed! I wished you lived a little closer, then we would invite you to C&L's 1st!

Blogger Sarah said...

hey thanks for the comment on my blog. i look forward to checking back in with you. i was on the 60 month plan too. it is amazing how it is finally starting to fly by.

Blogger Irish Girl said...

What a wonderful post!

I'm in month ~56 (I think!) ... tho I've lost track to be honest! It will be five years in February. Gah, who can keep track?!?

Thank you. Truly. For the hefty dose of hope. I'm facing IVF (as soon as I can stomach it) and too scared to really just Jump The Heck In (!!!) already.

Love your blog. And I love the fact that you're pregnant. At long last.

Be well, girl. Be well.

Blogger SaraS-P said...

Well, I think you've certainly earned your new situation. Enjoy the adjustment to progress in place of limbo!

Blogger Milenka said...

I still cannot believe how quickly pregnancy passed in comparison to the ttc part of things. *sigh* Enjoy it whenever possible, my friend. *hugs*

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a true post. Enjoy every moment of pregnancy. It does fly by and you have deserved to enjoy this sweetest gift.


Blogger Pixxiee said...

You deserve the sweetest gift. The joy of just sitting back (belching) and watching your tummy grow. You've given so much through your blog to me and others, it's lovely to watch your journey.

How about some belly shots :-)


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