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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hard to Watch..

Thanks for your encouragement regarding my GB test. I will cross one bridge at a has been my precedent.

For many seasons I have avoided certain Pay TV programmes like the plague.
And it's not only Blokesworld.
Shows like "Bringing Home Baby" and "Maternity Ward" and particularly "Test Tube Babies" have flashed across my screen, viewed for a few moments & then switched off. For obvious reasons they were painful to watch. Since falling pregnant I have found myself watching snippets, guarded, cynical. Bruised. But allowing myself a curious education (especially Maternity Ward) & trying not to roll my eyes with such an air of authority.
I realise that these programmes are edited for the best viewing value....but gosh they are hard for an IVF gal to watch.
Yesterday's episode of "Test Tube Babies" showcased a perfectly lovely couple in their late 30's. He had 4 children from a past relationship. Vasectomy. They were together 18 months. She was sure she never wanted children. Until she met him & decided he was an "Alright Guy" and wanted to have his baby. We watched them go to injection lessons. She was incredibly wimpy. Possibly overplaying it for the camera but she had to leave the room entirely on one occasion because the sight of an injection had her nearly in tears. Straight away I started yelling at the TV "Toughen up honey"....The cycle was air brushed to hell. Everything went fine. We watched them stroll out of the clinic after transfer arm in arm. The commentator informed us that in 12 days time they'll know if they got pregnant. The next scene opens up with the words "12 Days Later..." the couple look incredibly stressed, high strung, sad. That's more like the IVF I know, I thought. We hear that the couple are here for Beta even though she started bleeding over the weekend. Her period arrived. Suddenly I felt sad for them. Knowing that disappointment. "Our whole world is over" he said. "We can try again" she said through glassy eyes.
You can imagine my surprise when the clinic co-ordinator informed the couple that they were pregnant. "It's Positive" she said
"Oh My God!" Squealed the lady.
"Well!" Shouted the man.
"WTF???" Dribbled I.

I wonder what's on Blokesworld.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen that episode, I don't get it either!
Stay away from Pregnancy for Dummies as well ;) I can't watch any of those shows in case they conflict with my books, not that I can read my books in case they conflict with my doctors. So i just write down what my doctors say and the rest of the time I keep my head in the sand while I gestate.

Blogger Drew said...

Hmm...yeah I know what you mean. I used to watch those miracle baby/saving babies shows when i was pregnant and it really was too much for me. I usually dissolved into tears right after. :(

Right now I am digging Ovagirl's book on her journey. It's a good read as it goes to show although everybody's journey is different, the pain is all the same. It makes me treasure what I have (Poopee) even more.

Hope you yield better results with the 2 hour test Mony - don't worry too much about it. GD is very, very common (I have a few GD mums in my mothers group) - they all ended up having big (but absolutely thriving) babies. Bring a book to the 2 hour test!!!!!

Blogger Thalia said...

I've watched that episode, and there is one other where the woman bleeds but is still pregnant. I guess it can happen.

Blogger Geohde said...


I know that effing episode!

The guy has the worst damn teeth that I've ever seen :)

Blogger LL said...


Blogger Heather said...

May I suggest sticking to the home shopping network?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they got pregnant (rolling my eyes).

Blogger Sara said...

Ugh! That must have been hard to watch. Sometimes I wish that throwing the telly out of the window would actually affect someone relevant other than myself.

Good luck with the GD testing.

Blogger topcat said...

Hello Mony!! I hope you're doing well this weekend, and that you pass your GD test with flying colours, I really do. Thanks for yesterdays comment! I have now posted a Shiny, Brand Spankin New Post, in regards to all things embryonic. xoxoxoooxxox

Blogger Lut C. said...

I must say I've taken to watching programmes on raising children (where some qualified person comes in to a family of unruly kids and coaches the parents to do a better job). I stay away from the programmes about deliveries.


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