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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Tribute to.....Mylanta

My innards growl all night and day,
Intestines...bowel in disarray.
Belching acid on the hour,
...regretting what I did devour.
Indigestion! Oh so dire!
My Oesophagus! It burns like fire!
MYLANTA! ....mystic tummy fixer,
Chalky white, supreme elixir.
How I crave your offensive taste,
Spoonfuls gulped with messy haste.
You alleviate the torment well,
And rescue me from heartburn hell.
My trusty friend.... all bottled blue,
Sweet reflux slayer...I heart you.


Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

I swear you are a dead set classic !!.

Some rep company has to pick that up for sure !.

Thanks again for the laugh !!

Blogger Tuesday said...

That was beautiful.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently, mylanta can also be used on zits. You are supposed to dab it on and leave it over night.

Blogger topcat said...

Mony Mony! Do you want a job? You are a fantastic writer. The rhythm and rhyming in your poem is 10/10. I love it!!

Brought back memories actually ... I would call it "the Vienetta" - aka layer upon layer. One layer of food, one layer of Mylanta, etc.


Blogger gracechild said...

:)) multi-telented you!!! does this mean a glass of milk doesn't work?

Blogger Geohde said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling reflux-y.

Yay to mylanta :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate my.lanta, but I hate reflux even more. I needed to smile this morning -- thanks for the witty funny!

Blogger SaraS-P said...

How moving.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was great! I eventually skipped the spoons all together and gulped it from the bottle ;)


Blogger Robin said...

You totally crack me up lady!

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

So mylanta works? I hate this non-stop idigestion! I guess it's safe for us pregnant folk, I will buy asap. Thanks Mony! :)

Blogger Sarah said...

i'll take any tips i can get on allies in that battle!

Blogger The Oneliner (Christina) said...

ohmyword. you are awfully funny, lady.

Blogger Krista said...

I'm impressed!


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