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Sunday, December 30, 2007

We Heart Cooper..

Oh child.

Seriously, your father & I are utterly smitten. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined a more divine creature, a more noisy, cranky, adorable babe than you. You completely govern our every move. Our eyes are tired, gritty slits. Our teeth unbrushed. Your mother has worn the same damn dress for 4 days in a row, only eliminating her bra because face it, you don't give a hoot about unsupported breasts.
Like the finest German engineered clock you rouse every 3 hours & deliver a deafening bellow from your cot. You are famished. Never was there a hungrier baby. I stagger to the kitchen in the wee hours with you perched upon my shoulder. Your breath a chorus of precious rhythmic squeaks in my ear. You grow more alert with each passing minute. Blue eyes scan the ceiling, admiring every shadow. Window fixtures have you enraptured as do lamps & finger clicking. You detest bibs. And baths. And lotion rubbed into your exquisite cheeks. You shriek during nappy changes but adore pram rides...especially to the local grocery store. You suck furiously on your dummy while revering the mirrored dairy cabinet...and I never enjoyed the chilled aisle so much in my life.


Blogger Runergirl said...

That is so sweet!! I feel just the same about my boy:)

Blogger Drew said...

Happy new year to you Mony (and to hubs and Cooper). Wish you guys share many, many more beautiful moments together.

Blogger Cibele said...

wow sweet! I can t tell that you are so in love with your little boy. Happy new year

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are smitten indeed...

Happy New Year. 2008 is going to be stunning.

Blogger OvaGirl said...

Ah the joys, the joys. Happy New Year Mony, so many more freezer aisle moments to come!

Blogger Bugsy said...

Very cute! gosh he still looks so little. What a precious little bundle he is. Yep I feel the same about my little boy. He is just so damn cute that my heart just overflows with love for him. We is good mummies!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just came over to your site from Danielle's. Love the stories about Cooper. Some advice from the other end of parenting (mine are long gone and I'm a Nana) -- savor the moments (and write them down if possible, lest you forget when you need fodder for your toast at his wedding!) enjoy every burp and smile, because truly before you know it, he'll be leaving for college!


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