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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I have slipped into Motherville. I am wearing tracksuit pants, no make-up & baby vomit. I love it.
This afternoon I put Cooper into his cot for a nap, I turned on his little firefly night lights & cranked up his melody box...leaving him to drift off as he has been doing so nicely. About 30 minutes later I checked on him, the silence telling me he was sound asleep...only to discover him wide wake, laying there mesmerised by the lights & happily enjoying his own company. Sigh. What a good, well behaved little boy!


Blogger Bugsy said...

hehe that is so cute. I used to have 4 outfit changes in a day due to Alex throwing up on me - now I have found myself looking at the baby vomit on my top and saying "that's not too bad, not worth changing yet" lol. I am sure the next step is going out in public like that (god I hope not).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's so adorable. He looks pensive.

Blogger JV said...

Sigh, he is just too cute :-)

Blogger Smarshy said...

Aren't kids great? Especially the ones who enjoy their own company.

Blogger Sarah said...

lucky you! great picture too!

Blogger topcat said...

I LOVE it when they use their little hand to hold their dummy. That gorgeous pic has made me more clucky than ever!

He looks like he is still sussing out the world.

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

that reminds me of my daughter neve. I fed her, layed her down to sleep and then went to feed her sister. After 30 minutes, I went to check on neve and there she was with the same facial expression as cooper just staring into space. Such good little angels.

Blogger PCOSMama said...

You mean there really are babies who put themselves to sleep? I sure hope I get one this time! My daughter was missing that 'program' in her genetic coding or something.

Keep up the great job Mommy, I mean Mony, no wait I do mean Mommy! :)

Blogger singletracey said...

he is precious.. his head is perfect.. i want to rub it for some luck from that angel! xoox

Blogger Mony said...

Tracey, I rub his head all the time. Fuzzy little noggin!


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