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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bubble Bath.

Cooper had his first Big Bath yesterday. He wailed....mostly. Little arms flung out wide in fright. He clung onto his wash cloth. He ate bubbles. I loved towelling him off. His little head looked like a fuzzy peach. He smelled delicious. He got weighed, 2050 gms. Little dude! You are so lovely!


Blogger La La said...

Cooper is SO cute! Congratulations! I surfed onto your page from other infertility blogs (I'm still waiting for my BFP myself). Congrats again, he really is adorable!
PS I was born 12 weeks early - way back in the day - and had/have no complications save a TINY bit of asthma. =) Just FYI.

Blogger La La said...

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Blogger Dramalish said...

He has the sweetest puppy eyes I ever saw.

Glad you're enjoying your boy, Mony. You deserve it.

Blogger eden said...

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Blogger topcat said...

He is so so beautiful!! I still can't believe he's here - he's just divine. Thank you for the Coopervision pics.


(We called Tiger 'Cooper' all the way he was in my tummy - but when he came out, he was Max) ;)

Blogger gracechild said...

100% adorable

Blogger PCOSMama said...

I love all the pictures you've been posting! Thank you for sharing!

He does look terrified, but I remember my daughter being pretty shocked and scared when she got her first bath too! Just makes the cuddle time afterwards even sweeter...

Blogger Krista said...

Cad*en hated his bath at first too! He was little and the tub and room so big. He also just hated being undressed. Loves it all now though. Take care Mony, I am so glad that Cooper is doing so well.

Blogger SaraS-P said...

Such a clean little cutie!

Blogger Geohde said...


So terribly cute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is adorable!

Blogger The Dunn Family said...

So cute! I still remember mine crying through the first couple of baths. They'll get used to it. Although jake still hangs on to the wash cloth, but now he shoves it in his mouth! I'm so glad your little one is doing so well!

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Oh Mony....He is one special little fella.....

Love all the pics....!


Blogger Gemini Girl said...

when can u take him home? i hope soon

Blogger Bugsy said...

How cute is this little man! Look at those skinny little arms. one of the biggest things I remember of alex being early is he has the saggiest skin on his back - like a little monkey. lol Big steps hun - big steps.


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