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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Yes!!! You read right!!!
It's Kay here...Mony's BFF!!!
And I have been given the great honour of announcing the arrival of Baby Cooper to Mony's "other family" - you guys!!!

Mony was admitted to hospital a week ago suffering a horrid kidney blockage thanks to the then "Hef" who decided to lodge himself in a very awkward position...unfortunately her kidney function did not return to normal as we had hoped and after much deliberation - it was decided that the baby would be delivered this week...

As you would all know Mony was only 32 weeks so she has spent a very anxious few days making preparations as best she could for an early delivery...she was given a course of steroids to help form a protective lining inside the the baby's lungs & make it less painful for him when he gave his first little cry...She was advised yesterday that she was booked in for a c-section & would be given an epidural block so that she could be awake for the birth...

I spent a lovely couple of hours with Mony, her Mum & her Aunty last night - and she was in great spirits...she was of course worried that little Hef was going to be 8 weeks premmie & dissappointed that she wouldn't be able to take her baby home with her like most mums do...but she was also excited about the prospect of her dream finally coming to fruition - the dream of being a Mother.

And this afternoon Mony delivered a beautiful baby boy - Cooper Tait - our little miracle boy!!! An absoulute gift from the heavens!!!

I don't have any other details to pass on at this stage other than to say that both Mony & Cooper are doing was estimated that little Cooper would probably weigh in at around 1.4 kgs (approx 3pounds), but as yet I don't have a confirmed weight or any other stats!!! Rest assured though that I will pass on all the details as soon as they come to hand...

She was so determined that you guys should all be kept up to date with what was happening - and I am so thrilled to be able to share this happy news with you all...This blog has been such a comfort to Simone, and I know that like me, many of you have laughed & cried at her beautifully written posts...sharing her often heart wrenching journey along the road to motherhood every step of the way...I would like to thank you all for the support & strength you have given her - I know it has made such a difference.

So that's all for now...I'll be back asap with all the juicy details - and maybe even some pics - if I can work out how to put them up here!!! Ha!! I'm a bit of novice at this whole blogging business!!!

Bye for now,
Aunty Kay xx


Blogger The Oneliner (Christina) said...

oh that's WONDERFUL news. I'm teary eyed. 'Bout time.
Although, how freakin' scary!! God be with them both and their families.
Mony, my niece was just born at 32 weeks and she's a healthy beautiful little girl.
And i am beyond happy for you.

Blogger Geohde said...

How dramatic!

Congratulations on the arrival of Cooper.


I sincerely hope that all continues to go fabulously well.



xx (again)


Anonymous Nina said...

Oh Mony! Congratulations. I hope you and the little one are doing fine. I'm all teary here too. Am thinking of you and Cooper! HUGS.

Blogger LL said...

Congratulations.... you did it, and now you have a son.... I know how long you've waited for this moment, and while not the most ideal situation, I wish that you have a speedy recovery and that the little man develops in leaps and bounds and will be home with you soon. oh and congrats to Mr Mony too..

take care


Blogger Beagle said...


Anonymous Angela said...

Thabk you for the update! I hope Mony recovers quickly and that Cooper will get to go home soon!

Blogger serenity said...

Congratulations. How scary, but I'm thrilled to hear that Cooper is doing well. May he continue to grow strong so you can bring him home shortly, Mony.


Blogger PCOSMama said...

Congratulations Mony and family! I'm so excited for you! I'm sorry this beautiful experience had to be countered by the fear of his early arrival, but I'm certain everything will be fine! A friend of Mine had her little boy at 27 weeks and after a short stay in the NICU he came home... now he's over a year old and is as healthy and happy as can be! Cooper will just need a little extra TLC, and I know you'll be right there with him the whole way!

Blogger Shelby said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! I'm sure it was a bit stressful, and will be for while, but sounds like things are going well!! I came by way of PCOSmama. Best of luck!!

Blogger Dramalish said...

Welcome, welcome darling Cooper! Congratulations to you and P, Mony my love. What a frightening but worthwhile ordeal... I hope your little boy grows and thrives and the NICU time passes quickly and without incident.

Hope you are feeling better soon, too.
And congrats.
He's HERE!

Anonymous mm said...

Oh you all must be over the moon. Congrats to everyone and YIPPPEEEE!

Anonymous kiwi said...

Congratulations Mony!
I hope you and Cooper recover fast and both get home quickly.

Blogger Furrow said...

Hey, Mony! I came over here from PCOSMama's blog. I hope you and Cooper are doing well and that he gets to come home as soon as possible.

Blogger -gwyn said...


Blogger Lut C. said...

That is a bit more of a dramatic entry than you may have hoped for, but I'm very glad to hear mom and son are doing well! Congratulations!

Blogger Stacie said...

Mony--I am so happy for you and your family! Congratulations!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huge congrats on the arrival of Cooper!! I hope his stay in the NICU will be short and he will be home with you soon.

This post brought tears to my eyes, I am so happy you are on the other side. Thanks for the update, Kay.

Blogger Von said...

I had the strangest feeling something was up this week.
Mony, CONGRAULATIONS. He was obviously so keen to get out in the world to have cuddles with you. I am sure he has his mothers battler spirit and will be home with you in no time.
Cannot wait to see pictures.
Lots of love.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mony, What an absolute miracle..!!!Well our wishes and prayers were answered at last..This angel was sent to you because you deserve all the love and happiness that this little boy will bring you..You are an inspiration to us all..I love you..Your SIL..xx

Blogger topcat said...

I AM CHOKING ON MY TOAST!! Yours was the FIRST blog I clicked onto today, due to the long silence I have been obsessively checking.

Welcome, dearest little Cooper Tait. I know you will grow big and strong. Your mum is the most rockin' chick in the land .... you did good, lil buddy!! Having her as a mum makes you instantly cool.

Dearest Mony, bravo, you brave warrior woman. You did it. I am overjoyed for you, truly. I hope you're ok and not too sore.
Wow!! xoxoxoxoxxoxo (BTW I KNEW it was a boy!!) xoxox

Blogger three minute palaver said...

wow, that wanted the post I was expecting to read today. What a surprise! Congratulations Mony on Coopers arrival. I hope his first weeks and months are smooth and easy on you both.

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

Simone aka Mony- congrats! I hope you are doing well and so is cooper. 32 weeks is early but healthy- I can only hope to get to that myslef. I am so happy you are a mommy- I cant wait to read all your stories. I am very proud of you!

Blogger Bumble said...

!!! What a surprise Mony! But congrats! congrats! congrats! on becoming a mommy! and even though your little Cooper is so early, I'm sure he's a little trooper just like you and will do just perfectly and be home with you before you know it. Hope you're feeling okay. xxx

Blogger Bugsy said...

oh wow - I am in absolute tears of joy that they are both okay. I freaked when I read he was here already, but so incredibly glad he is okay (as well as Mummy being okay)

You did it girl - You are a mummy! You will be emailing me very shortly telling me how awesome it is!

Much love to you all.

Blogger singletracey said...

OH MONY!!!!!!!!!! I have thinking about you and wondering if things were okay.. I have tears and chills for you my fellow twisted sister!! Your dreams have come true... you are a mum to Cooper.. how wonderful is that!

I can not wait to see pictures. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers... Things are going to be fabulous here on out! BIG AMERICAN HUGS FOR YOU!!!!

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

MONY!!!!!! that is fantastic news. welcome Little Cooper.
It was scary to read about what's been going on, but I am so excited for you and your family now. Hoping you can bring your little bean home VERY SOON.

YIPPEE!!! (through tears)

Blogger Tiff said...

OMG, what a surprise. I sure wasn't expecting this news when I checked in. I am so glad to hear that things sound good. Yeah and Congrats, Mony!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A BOY!! Boys are fun.

God bless Mony and her family.

Blogger TeamWinks said...

Congratulations to her and her family! I hope that the little man continues to thrive and grow, so that he can go home with his parents soon.

Blogger gracechild said...

let mony know my prayers & thots are with her & Mr Cooper. God who has brought them this far will continue to keep them both under the shadow of His wing. big hug!

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Congratulations... Mony may you always be as happy as you are today....

Cooper welcome to the world little one...It's been waiting for you...

All my love,
Danielle x

Blogger Larisa said...

I'm sorry he had to come early, but so glad it sounds like he's doing well. Hope he just grows and grows.

Anonymous mary ellen said...

Congratulations dear Mony! I

Blogger Pixxiee said...

I'm in tears! I am so happy for Simone and hubby, and welcome wee Cooper to the world. Hoping all goes smoothly and she gets to bring him home as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know, I was getting worried!

Blogger Sara said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Mony! You're a mom! Wow, isn't that the most beautiful sentence ever?

Sorry that Cooper's arrival was a bit early and abrupt. I hope that he is doing well, and will be home with you soon.

Blogger SaraS-P said...


Blogger Rumour Miller said...

OMG! I am so glad everything is fine. The NICU experience is exhausting but worth it for the healthy little man she will bring home

Congrats, Mony.... Congrats.

Anonymous OvaGirl said...

GOOD GOD!!! Mony! I wondered what had happened especiallly since last we heard it was all about the compression stockings! Congratulations, and welcome impatient little fellow!

Hope you are home soon and both well and thriving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delurking to say - Fantastic news! So glad to read all are good. I am sure he will be home soon and family life can begin.
THe next few weeks can be hard, I know as the mum of a 30 wk premmie born after years of IVF. But definately worth it!!
Cheers Naomi

Blogger millie said...

Congrats!!! What an incredible story. So very happy for you. Welcome, Cooper.

Anonymous T said...

Congratulations Mony! Woo hoo - welcome to the world little Cooper - please grow big and strong so you can go home soon!

Blogger Sparkle said...

Fantastic news!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mony, Congrats! De-lurking to say how happy I am for you and your family! I hope things go well for you and can't wait to hear how you are adjusting to motherhood. I hope that Cooper will be able to come home healthy and soon. Good luck and thanks for letting us be privy to your story!


Blogger Infertili-Me said...

Our babies arrived on Tuesday and are doing fine! We will keep you and your new little man in our thoughts and prayers!



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