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Saturday, October 27, 2007


*Updated With Stats*

A few of you wanted birth stats....I am willing & able to oblige!
Cooper Tait arrived at 2.17 pm on Oct 17th. He weighed 1.74 kilo's and measured 44.5 cms long.
He has a strawberry birthmark that starts on his right knee & spirals up around his thigh to sprinkle on his buttocks. It is faint & charming. I hope it doesn't bother him as he grows older. "Tait" is Peter's mother's maiden name. We chose to honour her for lots of reasons. Since her stroke last year, she has been blind. It breaks our hearts to know she will never see her new grandson.
Cooper cried as soon as he was delivered. I was gobsmacked to discover a son...instead of the daughter I'd believed 'Hef' to be.
I had an epidural block. Unfortunately, a section of my bowel was cut during the c-section & I had to have a general anaesthetic while another doctor repaired that (as the spinal block wore off I could FEEL them working on me) that terrified me & I panicked. I woke up in recovery 3 hours later. On my way from recovery to Maternity they pushed my bed via the NICU where I was allowed to reach into Cooper's humidicrib & touch his feet.
Natural childbirth must be agonising but I tell you a c-section hurts like a motherfucker in the days after too!

*end update*

..despite our car overheating on the freeway enroute to visit Cooper, we were undeterred! We limped home, swapped cars & continued our journey! Damn it! Daddy had a cuddle appointment!

And we got the goods., so good.


Blogger LL said...

oh sooo lovely!
Again Congratualtions, Mony.

BTW, if you're going to do lots of pumping, check out the attached link for handsfree pumping info

Blogger Sara said...

He's amazingly gorgeous! What a wonderful sight.

Anonymous mary ellen said...

So beautiful Mony. So beautiful.

Blogger OHN said...

What a precious little guy! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Blogger Bugsy said...

omg absolutely gorgeous. Daddy cuddles are so beautiful for all of us. Mummys get such a surge of love to see their family right there in front of them cuddling. Cooper is adorable. He looks fantastic for being so early.

Well done Mony - Well done!

p.s. Where are his stats lol (pushy aren't i)

Blogger Geohde said...

All together now.....Awwwwwwwww!



Blogger The Dunn Family said...

Such great pics of Daddy and his little man. I'm glad he got some cuddle time in!

Blogger gracechild said...

ah mony sweetie, you cannot begin to comprehend how happy your good news makes me. & mr cooper is already looking like a big man. I'm smiling, i'm smiling

Blogger PCOSMama said...

What a beautiful sight! Cooper looks like he is doing great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is beautiful. I hope he will be home soon.

Blogger Beagle said...

Very sweet.

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

Yes- please share the stats! Where is mony in the pictures.. I hope you are taking plenty. Cooper looks great for being a few weeks early. I am sure your heart is filled with love!
Im sure with a nickname like Hef- he will be quite the ladies man!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous son. Congratulations on your perfect, beautiful boy. May he come home soon.

Blogger heleen said...

Sweeeeet! Your husband looks so typically Ozzie! I assumed kangaroo (skin to skin) cuddles for preemies were invented in Australia, or am I mistaken?

Blogger Mony said...

Heleen! I guess Kangaroo care was invented here? Good point! I like your comment about Peter looking so Aussie! He will be poud to hear that. Hope you are well darl! And Lola/Charlie!

Blogger PCOSMama said...

With a nickname like Hef, he had to be a boy.

For the other US folks, I had to convert the kilos and cm - it is about 3.836 pounds and just over 17.5 inches.

I wonder what his weight is up to now? He looks like he's doing so good!

And yes Mony, a c-section does hurt like hell! I can't imagine how bad it must be to have had a bowel repair too - utter misery using the bathroom, which is hard enough after a c-section! Ouch, you poor thing! I hope you are healing up well!

Blogger Sitting in Silence said... are one hell of a cute guy !!....

Peter...Not bad your self Ha Ha..

Anonymous Ovagirl said...

Bloody hell Mony, what an ordeal. You're a star! And your little boy is divine. Lovely pic of your two boys together.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear God, I have chills. My son was 1.7kg, born at 33 weeks, from my right didelphic uterus. Even looked pretty identical at this point, too!


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