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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The smallest steps...

Peter watched Cooper sleeping the other night and commented "I just want to kiss him.." Oh. It was such a sweet moment. Peter is still waiting for his first cuddle, something that we hope will finally happen today.

When I arrived at the NICU yesterday I was floored to see my little man out of his humidicrib and in a hot cot! Basically it is an open top BIG BOY'S bed! A heated water mattress had him lulling like a......well, a baby! He even had a jacket & beanie on. I lost my shit at the sweetness! If he can maintain his own body temperature in the hot cot, he can stay there. It means we can touch him, pester him, kiss toes & pop dummies in with greater ease. He is now taking 8 mils of milk every 2 hours. News that has my tits in a twist because I am only producing just enough milk to cope! I am hiring an electric breast pump today to help keep up demand.

I am so thrilled with his progress. I changed my first shitty nappy yesterday, what a messy, happy task! Then I got to cuddle Cooper for an hour and 20 minutes. He completely wrapped his little body around my torso, tiny legs almost doing the splits, spread eagled around my hips.
We held hands.
I think he likes me.


Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Oh Mony...That post is just beautiful....
I have been thinking about you heaps.....
I hope Peter gets a cuddle real soon....what a special moment...

Blogger The Dunn Family said...

What a beautiful thing! I'm so happy that your boy is strong and doing so well! I can't even imagine how priceless it was for you to spend that quality time with him.

Blogger heleen said...

Ooooh, that is so sweet! What a relief things are going well. And that he likes you.... *sigh*

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

Oh mony- your making me cry! I am so glad cooper is doing better.. hopefully you guys will be able to snuggle him soon. It must be so strange to see him- the little man that was growing inside of you. You must feel love that you have never felt before. Please take this time to rest. Sending you love!

Blogger Rumour Miller said...

I am so happy for you I am tearing up.

I think he likes you too!

Blogger Geohde said...

Too sweet.

Thank you for reminding me why I fight so damn hard for this....


Blogger PCOSMama said...

That is all wonderful news! All of you keep up the good work! You must be doing it right if he's improving so fast!

Enjoy the toe kisses - baby feet are the greatest! ;)

Blogger Dramalish said...

Wonderful update. Hope it keeps getting better and better...

Blogger Infertili-Me said...

isn't it wonderful! I am so in love with my little ones, it almost makes me cry!

Blogger Bugsy said...

Small steps but really huge leaps! That is the best news hun. of course you make me cry every time I come to read how you are going but I will forgive you on that score lol.

Where are the stats? How big is he? I must say, he looks great.

And yes, I think he likes you - you are his Mummy! omg that sounds so good.

Blogger Bumble said...

"He completely wrapped his little body around my torso, tiny legs almost doing the splits, spread eagled around my hips.
We held hands.
I think he likes me."

Mony, what a lovely post, its made me have a little bawl! So happy your little man is doing so well and you both got to have a cuddle with him. He'll move along now in leaps and bounds that he has his mommy and daddy to cuddle him. x

Blogger Pixxiee said...

I think he loves you! That is just so gorgeous to read...I am so glad he is doing so well. And your first nappy! You'd almost want to save it (umm but don't!)


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