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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amazement 24/7

..he's a part of our lives. Here, in our house. His little belongings lay scattered from room to room. A bottle, a bib, a flannette blanket. I hear his cries instantly. My feet scramble beneath me, making haste to his cot where I find him crumple faced & hungry. I can't describe the feeling of lifting his tiny body from the crib & holding him, warm to my chest. The words tumble from my mouth as I hush & comfort him. I find myself kissing any exposed surface of his body. He protests, but I continue to cover him with adoration & love. As the hours pass, the prospect of having such a tiny, vunerable babe in my care lightens. I feel more confident. He watches me, listens to me. I have so much to tell him. Will there ever be enough days to declare my love? Will there ever be an emotion to equal the ones I am feeling now? I am so proud. So infatuated. So mesmerised.
For every heartbreaking step I took through infertilty, it was worth it. He was worth it. He is worthy of every wonderous, amazing, joyful experience life can offer.
My baby. My boy. Thank you, thank you for giving me what I so desperately wanted all those years. A chance to know you. I never imagined how utterly complete you make me feel.

Never, ever give up girls. Not for a second. Not for anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your baby boy. Thanks for inspiration.

He is absolutely beautiful.

Blogger Geohde said...

Sniff. Just gorgeous.

Posts like this remind me why I shouldn't give up.

Thank you, Mony.

Blogger Stacie said...

I am so happy for you, Mony. This was a beautiful post.

Blogger Her Grace said...


I've been lurking a very long time, cheering you on. Your words bring tears to my eyes. He's gorgeous. Best wishes to your and your family.

Blogger Von said...

Mony, that is just the best, most wonderful news.
Enjoy this journey through life you are abou to make with your little man.
So happy for you he is finally home, safe and sound, where he belongs.

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...

Beautiful post Mony,he is just adorable....

Anonymous valerie said...

You just summed up all the feelings I have for my daughter! Congratulations! Best wishes for a life full of health & happiness for all of you!

Blogger PCOSMama said...

I know exactly what you mean Mony. I'm so happy you have your little miracle, home and safe. Give him all the kisses you can - when they get older, they don't let you kiss them as much!

Cooper is adorable! I want to smother him with kisses too! ;)

Blogger topcat said...

Oh. Just looking at the pics started me crying, let alone your most wonderful words about the biggest love.

I cannot tell you how joyous I feel for you, Miss Mony - to see that your One is home safe and sound, where he belongs.


Blogger Dramalish said...

So, so beautifully said. I get chills thinking of your long journey. I remember when I first started reading your blog and you were going in for surgery on your tubes...

What a long way you've come, my friend.


I have something special for Cooper. Can you email me a mailing address?

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

you are aware that i am crying now. i am so happy he's home.

Blogger Bugsy said...

Isn't it just amazing? I know exactly what you mean.

Blogger Irish Girl said...

Thank you, Mony. I'm so happy for you! So glad to see Cooper home with you where he belongs :)

Blogger gracechild said...

you really tear me up sometimes. & these are especially weepy times. :) i'm so happy for you & yes, you give us hope

Blogger heleen said...

For me this was the best post of all posts ever. This is it.

Blogger Krista said...

And the best part is rhat I don't think that feeling ever goes away! So well said Mony!

Blogger Pixxiee said...

Make me cry at work why don't you! I am so very very happy for you. He's gorgeous. You're doing just great. And the cranky duck song..well, you should record it.

Anonymous mary ellen said...

I am so happy that you are so happy sweetie.

Blogger Michelle said...

Congratulations, Mony! Somehow in the shift from Julie's list I stopped dropping in and I was surprised to see your little one had arrived. But so happy and relieved to see that things are going well for you and your new little one. He looks like a gorgeous little doll. Enjoy!

Anonymous Anonymous said...



Blogger lucky #2 said...

He is beautiful! What a blessing.

Blogger Sarah said...


Blogger Sarah said...



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