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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I busted my husband singing Christmas Carols to Cooper. "On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....2 purple ducks...!"
Sounds more fun than 2 turtle doves, for sure!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is simply beautiful! And I think he deserves 2 purple ducks!

Blogger Runergirl said...

That is sweet!!!

Blogger Ali said...

What a gorgeous little man - enjoy your first Christmas with him and hold him tight!

Blogger Cibele said...

so sweet!

Blogger serenity said...

Every time I see a picture of him, I can't GET OVER how cute he is.

I love 2 purple ducks too. :)

Blogger Pixxiee said...

Ha Hubby got busted! We've had our godson and his parents staying with us and I caught Daddy humming the striptease song when he was changing nappies! Cooper is just so cute!

Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

He is so very precious and adorable Mony. I am so glad everything worked out for you!


Blogger Tiff said...

ROFL 2 Purple Ducks...making up songs for babies is like the funnest things ever. Ok, my cats enjoy it too, but you get the point.
He is just so precious.

Blogger LL said...

every song my husband sings to lil'mooey usually ends up rhyming with "beer"


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