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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Pretty

He is in love. With the remote control.

It is a forbidden love. He is not allowed to touch it...which just makes his infatuation all the more fierce. No matter how many other fun, shiny rattles & plush, crinkly stuffed animals I offer him, he has eyes only for the remote control.
"I want THAT one..." his starring eyes command.
Sorry Bub.
You can drool on my face, on the carpet & even on the dog. But you cannot drool on a battery operated remote. Mummy needs her Foxtel.
And get your eyes off my mobile phone too!
I am also amazed how babies find the "Tag" on all clothes, bibs & toys....little fingers sourcing the shiny, smooth tag to be sucked & stroked. Over & over again. Some of Cooper's favourite toys are based solely on how many tags they have. This picture shows him holding a stuffed Caterpillar which has 18 fun fuzzy feet to fondle...but he's gone straight for the tag. Anyone else notice this?


Anonymous Nina said...

absolutely. the tag!!!! here in sweden you can buy akids toy, which is like a little square (size of a sheet of paper A4) with ca. 30 different tags sewn on in all different colors and materials. I just decided yesterday to make one myself for Stella as she is totally into tags too. Just need to cut out tags from all our clothes first :S

cooper is such a cutie.

Blogger Dramalish said...

Yes, that toy exists in the US, too. I will look for one for Cooper, since I was lame and never sent the outfit that he's clearly too big for now.
He's as precious as can be, Mony. Please post more and let us know what's happening in the Not So Negative Household nowadays.

Blogger christina(apronstrings) said...

yeah, there are tons of 'toy' tags. i bought a couple of blankets with ten tags all around it for our baby. i bet you cna find them on ebay. whatever mom thought those toys up are brillant!

Blogger singletracey said...

TAGS!! HA.. They totally have that toy in the US that is a square with tags all around it. LOL!!!

Blogger Susan said...

We got some books as gifts called "taggies". They are the soft fabric books with tags all around. However, my girls are too clever for that. They ignore those fake tags and play with the real one. Cracks me up every time.

Blogger Lut C. said...

Oh yes, the tag obsession!

It's most endearing to see that the most interesting part of a brightly colored toy is invariable the drab tag on it!

I bought a tag toy too, which Linnea likes ok, but the best tag is still the one with the washing instructions.

Blogger Bugsy said...

yep the tag is the bestest part of anything - didn't you know? Alex does the same. Also in a room full of toys Alex can push them all aside and find the tissue or forbidden piece of paper that he is not supposed to have. I wonder if this is a babies trait or just a Boys trait? Good to see you both doing well - you are doing such a wonderful job with him- he is gorgeous!!!

Blogger Bugsy said...

p.s. there is a seller on ebay australia that sells heaps of Taggie toys and blankets

Blogger LL said...

oh yeah the tags.... and the remotes... If Lil'mooey (now 2) happens upon one that we've left within reach, she'll snatch it up and run... if we chase, the remote gets flung with all her might onto the floorboards.

Blogger hadjare said...

Yeah! Our kiddo has gone for the remote recently too -- and you know we don't watch TV while she is awake so I don't understand why it looks so tantalizing. We even did the trick where we gave her an old remote with no batteries to play with and she's not interested in it. Maybe it's because it's been MIA for awhile. I should bring it back out.

Blogger Tiff said...

OH yeah. Nate is ALL about the remote too. Not so much tags....but goes straight for ANY forbidden item.
20 toys sitting around? Nah..I would like to chew on the dirty stroller tire, thank you! WTH? lol

Blogger docgrumbles said...

My friend's son was also enamored of the remote control - when he finally managed to grab it he threw it in the toilet!

Blogger Caba said...

My twins are OBSESSED with the remote! My son threw a FIT tonight when I took it away ... oh, their love of electronics! It's a pain in the butt ...

And those taggies, same Susan said, my kids don't care about them! They love the tags on everything, but they don't care about the million tags on the Taggie books and toys!

Blogger Stacie said...

What a cute picture! You know, Shawn loves tags, too. He has a little taggie ball, and I am investigating a taggie blankie for him to carry. Well, for him to hold and me to carry. Isn't that how it goes when they aren't really mobile yet? :-) Anyway, too bad we didn't invent the taggie thing ourselves. We'd be rich!

Much love,

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

well at just about 6 months they are getting there and yes they love to just hold something. It soothes them. However, buying toys etc just becomes silly, they play with the boxes or the tags. Right? :)
I love how you feel for him but say ,no to the remote. So Cute.

Blogger heleen said...

My Charlie has a blanky too with lots of tags! It's called a snoozebaby and they are for sale on Have a look they are so cool. As soon as he holds it he falls asleep. Important tip: Buy two identical ones, because he will go bananas when you can't find it and it's bedtime... And don't let him have two at the time, because then he needs them both all the time.


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