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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cooper Wiggle

We went to the new Wiggles Play Centre. A warehouse full of inflatable Wiggly fun. Surely Cooper would be too young to appreciate the frivolity? Nay. His legs began kicking upon entry & continued to pump merrily for the next 3 hours. He did jig on a giant air filled platform. He did frolic amongst the plastic ball bin. He did swing his arms when Dorothy entered the room & he huffed and rasp berried his way through "Rock-a-bye your Bear."
I chased my niece up a giant ladder & grabbed her as she hurtled down a slide. A little girl tapped me on the shoulder and said "Excuse me, parents are not allowed on the rides..." I was a little taken back that she assumed I was a Parent? Me? Ha! I apologised & told her I was just helping my niece not to break her wee neck.
Cooper sat in a carousel & whizzed around unaided. His hands clamped firmly to a steering wheel, turning this way & that. I looked to my Mum and said (inappropriately) "Holy Effing Wiggle."
"He's Driving"


Blogger Lonely Paul said...

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Blogger OvaGirl said...

That sounds a scary scary place Mony....

Blogger Mony said...

Ha! Yes, a little like Dante's least you waited for a rainy day OG. I went on a blue sky day...I'm still learning.

Blogger Pixxiee said...

What fun for Cooper! Ha! I love the way kids get completely into the Wiggles. It's very very funny...especially when the parents start singing along without meaning to :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't yet experienced The Wiggles, but my young step-siblings keep urging me to introduce them to Zoey.

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

soooo cute. So glad that Coop loved the Wiggles!!!
(but stay off the rides next time Mony!! *giggles*)

Blogger Topcat said...

It's TOTALLY un-Australian of me ... but I hate the Wiggles. Always have, always will.

Did you ever hear of the Hooley Dooleys? They were like a poor mans Wiggle. Something weird about grown men jumping around singing kids songs ...

I love your posts. I especially love your comments that you leave me. Yours was the first blog I ever commented on, so whenever you leave a comment it's like ahhhhh. My Mony. (Who would've predicted the turn my blog took! Freakin bullsh*it.)

I heart you, and your wonderful new motherhood.


Anonymous Suzie said...

Just read your entire blog....your family is adorable. God bless your precious boy.

Anonymous Suzie said...

Just read your entire blog....your family is adorable. God bless your precious boy.


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