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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost Treasure

The school fair was in full swing by the time we arrived. Somewhere in the crowd was my Brother, SIL & kids. My nephews had been long awaiting their annual funday. Cooper nearly catapulted out of his stroller at the sight of RIDES! He could barely contain himself. Try explaining to a 2 year old that you have to WAIT in line before you get to spin around on the flying chairs. He was a squealing ball of toddler.

When he finally landed a was I who became a squealing ball of Mother. Look at him go! My baby! Carnival fodder! Heellloooo!

After the ride I helped Cooper out his highly secure chair (20 cms of flimsy, lightweight chain) and handed him over the barricade to my Brother. I took all of 10 steps back around the enclosure and met with my Brother.....and where was the wee swinger Cooper? My brother shot me a "Uh-Oh" look.....looking around like a bloke who'd just been swindled. Cooper was gone.
The next 10 minutes were a haunting, flurry of mass panic & realisation. Somewhere in the moving, screaming throng was my boy. We looked high & low.
No Cooper.
I scanned the crowd.."please...please " I whispered through clenched teeth.."Let me see you"...
No Cooper.
We made our way to the Principal who clutched the all important microphone & he repeated the details:
"Attention everyone we have a lost 2 year old."
I've heard similar announcements a thousand times, but never have I described my own child's outfit for all to find.
"He has a grey t-shirt, denim shorts.."
"Nooooo!" I bellowed..."he's wearing long blue cords! And blue gum boots"
The details were corrected & I stood there desperately waiting for someone to stop my heart from exploding. LOOOKK everyone! Please, put down that sausage sandwich & look for blue gumboots!
The thoughts are irrational. Who has him? How much ground has he covered? Oh where is he? Please be safe. Please let me find him.
My mobile phone rang. He was found. The nightmare, brief, but over.
Of course he never even knew he was lost. The only thing missing to Cooper was a flimsy chain, a rickety swinging chair & the wind in his fine, blonde baby hair.


Blogger JV said...

I cannot imagine how scared you must have been. So glad he was found and all is ok. It must have been really awful, I shiver just thinking about it...

Blogger Pixxiee said...

I told my Mum this story - and she told me she lost me in a big department store. Found me eventually chatting to a sales assistant on a completely different floor! Scary fast a little one can travel. Glad he had fun though! xxxx

Blogger Krista said...

OMG.... I would have been a puddle of tears.

I'm glad I knew you would not likely have posted this unless it was a happy ending!

Blogger PCOSMama said...

Oh my Lord, how terrifying! So glad he was found safe and sound!

I think we all end up with a story like this from our childhood. Mine was also a department store. My husband's was the Rocky Mountains, lost overnight. Let's hope this is Cooper's only one!

Blogger Shazz said...

Very Scarey, I stress enough when mine goes missing in the house! I also wanted to say I use to follow in your early pg but then I go pg had complications etc so went MIA. Am so glad to find you and see your beautiful boy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We haven't had that experience yet, but I know it's a toddler parenting rite of passage... You poor thing. I don't think your thoughts were irrational at all.

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

OMG how scary!!! But thank goodness he was found fast...they really are a pain on the heart from the first time you see that PG Stick....
I would have hugged him for days, wait you probably are....:)

Love you, so glad Cooper had so much fun on the swings.

Blogger Lut C. said...

I think this is one experience all parents must go through at one point. I shudder to think of my turn.

It must have been so profoundly terrifying for you! I'm glad it didn't last too long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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