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Friday, July 01, 2005

Surfer Girl

Do you remember a time before the internet?
It's not that long ago really. 10 years ago I worked for a tele-communications business selling mobile phones. In 1995 mobile phones where still in their infancy here. A novelty. Expensive, cumbersome & sold with batteries that only lasted 4 hours. It was with this company that I first learnt about the internet. The term "www" meant very little to me & I confessed to my boss the the only thing I knew about the internet was the term "Surfing the Net" and I really had no clue what that actually meant.
Before Email & text messaging my husband (then my boyfriend) & I used to send each other faxes at work.
Oh the technology!
I would be so excited to hear my fax machine ring & hope it was a witty, dirty facsimilie on thermal paper for me! Peter usually included a crude picture or suggestion to make me grin & swoon.
My girlfriends & I would fax each other too. With plans. It was easier to sneak a fax to arrange our social life rather than risk a phonecall at work with an ever present boss. When I met Peter in 1998 he was one of the few people I knew who had "The Net" connected at home. I was pretty impressed but found no real desire to "Surf the Net". What did I need that for? Peter explained that it was a handy tool for finding information etc (porn was NOT on our agenda) & he set about showing me how to use the computer. I remember it well, I sat on his lap (it was back in 1998) and he asked me to name a topic of interest I might like to look up on the net. Hmm....I thought....what did I want to look up?
But of course!

Bon Jovi.
What else! My first Bon Jovi cyber experience....Bless Me! And to think that Peter would still want to marry me a few years down the track! Must have been my great tits. I guess my point is that how much has changed in just the past 10 years. How far the technology has come & how small the world is thanks to the internet. I absolutely adore the net. How else would I have met so many amazing people from all over the world! The WORLD! I remember when it was a pretty big deal to have a PENFRIEND from interstate..let alone a penfriend from another country! I used to fantasize about what people in America where like? What did people in England dress like? What did Germans do on weekends? What side of the road did Italians drive on?
As a child your own little suburb was the whole world. The kids at school where your universe. As soon as I was old enough I began travelling. Not far or wide to begin with but the bug hit me. Landing in another country was such a thrill! A whole different culture to embrace, exploring cities I'd only read about. Hearing other languages buzz around the market, tasting different foods, noticing my own strange accent attract curious glances. To stand in a church that was built in 1360 is a life changing experience for a Sydney girl when my own country has a grand history of 217 young years. I have been to some wonderful countries and I plan on seeing much more of this planet over my lifetime. Peter & I hope to visit a new place each year of our lives. I guess what I truly love about the internet is that I can sit here in my home & look at an Austrian Mountaintop, follow an IVF adventure in Mexico, share a laugh with an ex-mormon in Utah, chat to my girlfriend in Queensland (yes, you Millsy) Without even moving. And I can share the essence of my Australian life with equally curious out-of-towners.

I dig.
I truly dig.


Blogger David said...

What I like... is that in an instant... you can MAKE a connection... half a world away.....

Blogger Sandy said...

It's changed our lives, hasn't it? The Bon Jovi bit is a hoot! Here I sit on the east coast of Canada, connecting with you in Australia, and sharing your amazement!

Blogger David said...

Canada, eh? Michigan is the only place in the continental US where we can look SOUTH into Canada.

Blogger Suz said...

It has changed, but I have to tell you (and it's a generalization) but the coolest, friendliest folks I've me on my travels are Australians. I've thought for a while that travel must be a national trait because no matter where I've gone, I've always met Australians in the hotel, the bar, the airport....etc. Maybe we've even crossed paths in some big European city; you never know!

Blogger Chee Chee said...

I also love the internet (no porn) and I remember well a time when there was no email, no internet. I'm sitting at my computer in the Washington DC area communciating with you and others around the world. How cool is that!

BTW -- I also love to travel. I can't wait until hubby and I make our next journey abroad.

Anonymous Jill said...

I know just what you mean! I also love how the Internet can take me around the world in an instant, from here in the U.S.A. to you in Australia. Your comments about penfriends also resonated with me, because I had pen pals from all over the world (including an Australian girl named Sandra Frentsch) when I was young. I have always been interested in other cultures, and love to travel abroad. When I can't actually be traveling, the Internet is the next-best thing. (I read today's edition of "Le Monde" from right here in the midwestern U.S.A., how cool is that?)

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