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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bloody HELL!!

I rarely need advice....I usually know everything ;)
BUT! I need some help from you "Been there...Done that" experts!
I started & finished my Provera, I have been sniffing my Synarel since January 16...yesterday I went for a bloodtest to check my levels and HORROR! everything is on hold because my stupid period has gone missing. I am disappointed. I thought I would be starting Puregon on Friday. Instead I have to wait for my period & go back next week for another bloodtest. I don't feel any AF cramps, no sign of it at all. I am only 4 days late but it's is very unusual. Did anyone else have a late period while waiting to begine Puregon?? No-one at the clinic seems worried & I am sure this is all apart of the IVF process but it would be nice to hear if anyone else experienced this absent period before you started.
I tell ya.......over the past years I have only been heartbroken to get my period & now that I WANT it....she pisses off.



Blogger Fertility Faux Pas said...

I'm no expert by any means, but thought I'd leave my 2 cents worth. I used Lupron (instead of Synarel) and it did make my period late by about 2 days. They delayed me starting my stims too, not because my period hadn't shown up, but because my E2 level was still too high. Maybe that's why they are having you wait? They told me that once my estrogen levels got low enough that AF would show. Sure enough, she showed up the same day I started Gonal-F.

Hope this helps, and that AF rears her ugly head soon. Good luck!

Anonymous Sol said...

Hi... I also used Lupron in my latest cycle(s) -- which I think it's equivalent to your synarel -- and it did make my period late and had to start Puregon like 3 or 4 days later than I had anticipated. I remember being pretty pissed off about it but my RE told me it was extremely common, no worries.

Hope the b*tch shows up soon for you.

Blogger Mellie said...

Oh Mony, damn the irony of it all. I have no advice, but as the above reported, I have heard many accounts of those on Lupron having their period late. It'll be okay...

Blogger Dramalish said...

No help here, but just wanted to give you some love on the whole "Never wanted my period in my life, and now it won't SHOW!" thing.

I felt like that after every failed cycle, and I still think my body would do that just for kicks and giggles.

Hang in there, girl. She'll get here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! Two of my cycles had late periods while waiting to begin the stims... I know how frustrating it is.

Just hold on...

Blogger Lut C. said...

What more waiting? That wasn't part of the deal.
Oh wait, the fine print says it is. Sorry about that, carry on.

I hope you don't have to wait long.


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