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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something FiSHy

IVF has yet again been put off.
I should get used to this!
We got all our test results back. Most of them are terrific. But my FSH levels are apparently reading very high for a 33 year old..........indicating one of the following:

A) The bloodtest is wrong or a false reading.
B) My egg reserve is alarmingly low.
C) My ovaries where overstimulated during surgery mucking up my FSH reading.

The only way to conclude which scenario is right is to have a couple more FSH bloodtests (conducted on CD 2-3) in November and December. Then re-evaluate.
It means a February Cycle at best.

IVF ....Always one step ahead of us...........*Sniff*

Peter took the camera to IVF yesterday. He wanted to chronicle our trip. I am posting the photo of him after getting his good test results. Thumbs up for him. Also a picture of the gorgeous old building next to the hospital. I love it. Maybe the grey sky was an omnious warning of the crappy news we got. Regardless, I sure had fun with Peter yesterday...his wicked sense of humour really cushioned the emotional beating.

Thinking of all my Twisted Sisters......and thanking my lucky stars for your company....


Anonymous thalia said...


Sorry things got put off for you again. How incredibly frustrating. What was your FSH? Have you tried any of the 'natural' remedies people are talking about (wheatgrass, DHEAs?) Sorry I have no idea if they work, I've just seen a lot about them.

Thanks for the pics - it's great to have some clue about who we're typing to!

Blogger Sandy said...

Sorry for the lousy news yesterday, and grateful that Peter has a wicked sense of humour. I have a poster in my office that says "we laugh to survive". How true that.

Blogger heleen said...

Oh Mony, that's so sad! We are often writing about how our patience is tested again and again... I think Thalia is right. Talk to a herbalist, now you have some extra time they can get you in hormonal top shape before you are going to wack yourself out of balance with IVF. If nothing else, it definitely makes you feel good.

Blogger Millie said...

Was this fsh test NOT on CD2 or 3? Sorry to hear your ivf was put off for a bit. I've got some resources on high fsh that I'd be happy to share with you. Don't let it freak you out (now or if you have another high reading). There's loads you can do and tons of women with high fsh who have success.

Blogger Mony said...

Thanks Girls. And to Millie, I really needed those wise words! I knew nothing about fsh. My test was done on CD2. The reading was 13. I found out today that we can do a short cycle IVF procedure if my fsh levels stay elevated. So that instilled more hope.

Blogger betty said...

Bummer about the fhs levels. It sucks how complicated this getting pregnent stuff can be. I'm glad you managed to have fun though on your day out to the IVF clinic despite the crappy news.

Blogger Tiff said...

I am sorry. I hope that your repeat bw is MUCH improved.

Anonymous Jill said...

I'm sorry about your high FSH results and hope that they were caused by "A) The bloodtest is wrong or a false reading." It stinks that subsequent FSH testing is going to delay IVF for so long! How frustrating!

Hang in there. We'll be here to hang out with you while you wait.

Anonymous T said...

High fsh blows - my last reading was 15, I started at 12.7 and did 6 ivf cycles. Good luck!

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