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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Look Over There!

Our friends welcomed a little daughter into their world last week. I got to nurse her on the weekend. I panicked before my first visit. I hoped that the sight of itty bitty wouldn't depress me.
It didn't.
I was able to soak up all the happy vibes. The new parents proudly fussed & cooed & stared at their tiny girl. Cuddles were encouraged. Smitten were we.
Whether it takes us a month to conceive or 4 years, there is no doubt that babies bring so much joy.

I am going to my first Football Grand Final this weekend.
My husband's beloved team made it through for the first time since 1963! I couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement of victory! Who doesn't love the underdog? Go Wests Tigers!!!
While his head was giddy & the beer flowed I made euphoric hubby promise he would go get his tests done this week. What a desperate tactic! I hope it works.

It would be a shame to divorce him amid all this celebrating.


Blogger Drew said...

I too hope he get the tests done too - and now that with the Swans win he better get his act together! No excuse!!

Blogger Ova Girl said...

Not desparate, smart. Good luck Mony, hopefully the optimism and good feelings will keep flowing...all the way to the clinic.

Blogger Chee Chee said...

I'm glad the visit with the baby was such a positive experience!

Good luck with hubby. I hope he gets those tests done soon.

Anonymous Jill said...

I'm glad that being around your friends' new baby made you feel happy, rather than making you feel blue. You have such a good attitude that sometimes I think your blog should be named "Mrs. Positive." I admire you for that.

Hope your husband's team wins the Football Grand Final!

Blogger Mellie said...

Go Tigers! Isn't amazing how sports can totally distract you from the realities of the world?

I hope hubby follows through on his promise. Let him know we all expect him to!

Blogger LabiaLady said...

I agree re: the baby thing. I enjoy being around the babes of my friends & family, because I know that they are not mine. Mine's just not here yet.

Blogger Thalia said...

Well done for enjoying the baby experience. I can't always make myself do so.

Blogger Ova Girl said...


Hope that's a good sign for you Mony!

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