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Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Ovaries look like Ovaries! Hurrah!

Blogging. Oh bittersweet hobby.
Being a huge fan of many, many blogsites, I check in daily with my crew. I soak up all the new entries like a sponge. Eager to be informed of the comings & goings. I silently cuss if one of my homies has failed to update her blog in recent days & long for a new entry. I marvel at the dedication of some, in awe of their constant & reliable daily updates. And yet, I let days & days pass in between my own entries. In short, I do not practice what I preach. I want to post words of substance but sometimes, alas, there is nothing new to tell. I wanted to thank you for sticking by me, even though my entries are sparce & sometimes kinda crappy. Thank you for not abandoning me & my mundane moments. Things will get more exciting in the coming weeks. I am counting on it.

I had an ultrasound this week. My IVF doctor wanted to know in advance that my ovaries were not scarred with endo or fiberoids. Add to the equation that I have a Didelphys Uterus. I have a single cervix but my womb is split into 2 seperate cavites. It is quite uncommon. A Didelphys Uterus will often go hand in hand with other organ abnormalities. Commonly, the kidneys may be affected & the ovaries may sit unusually high in the abdomen. This would make stimulated egg retrieval rather difficult. Not exactly textbook stuff. I was a little nervous prior, hoping that my latest ultrasound would not uncover yet another hurdle to clear. I presented myself at the Ultrasound Clinic, clutching my IVF folder, sporting clean underwear & an open mind.
I was pleasantly surprised to find the waiting room empty. I admired the modern decor, made small talk with the efficient receptionist & settled into a giant sofa chair. I then began to notice a huge range of reading material on offer filed all over the walls. Brouchures with titles like "Congratulations on your new Pregnancy!" "Collect your Mummy-to-Be-Bag" & "Your 12 week Scan. Common Q & A"
Suddenly, I was reminded that I was an Infertile in a shiny, fast paced, Fertile world. But of course, this was a clinic for Women's Ultrasounds. The very place that expectant mothers came in gangs to evaluate their pregnancies. At that moment, a lady entered the waiting room. She was pregnant. She had her blonde toddler & mother in tow. Blessed was she. Already the proud parent of one bitty child & now expecting another. Grandma came for support & no doubt to entertain the toddler while the new pregnancy progress was monitored. She was closley followed by another young woman. She was alone but looking radiant with her vast pregnant belly in the lead. The onslaught continued. Mere moments later a hip couple tumbled through the doors. They were young & clearly new at this gig. She was very slight. He was broad shouldered & sporting an earring & white joggers. While they waited at the counter she turned to him & placed her hands on her almost flat stomach. "I am wearing my leggings to work tomorrow & Friday" she moaned loudly "I don't care who notices on Monday! I can't hide this stomach any longer & my normal jeans are getting sooo tight! I just can't wear them anymore " Her eyes scanned the room for an audience and she stuck out her belly animatedly. I hugged my IVF folder tighter to my chest & flashed her a clenched grin before lowering my gaze. I fiercely concentrated on my scuffed shoes & the patterned carpet. Half her luck, I thought. On Monday she can tell her work friends that she is indeed pregnant & not just getting fatter.
Mercifully, my name was called & I weaved my way through the sea of fertility. The lady doing my ultrasound was an angel. She ushered me in & introduced the trans-vaginal wand. It was waiting. Condomed & lubricated. She began to explain how this internal ultrasound would work & suggested I undress & relax. I ripped my pants down like a seasoned pro & climbed aboard the paper-towelled bed. I assured her that I'd been in the presence of more trans-vaginal wands than she could ever dream of & positioned my socked feet expertly. Easy access was in both our best interests. We chitted & chatted. She asked tactful questions about my infertilty journey while sighing & shaking her head sympathetically. A real shame, she agreed.
She found my ovaries easily. "How do they look?" I asked with my arms folded up behind my head. "They are positioned normally & they look like, well...... ovaries" she said. "Yep, just like ovaries"
"Ripper" I whispered in relief. There were lots of nice follicles present, too. Measurements were taken from both left & right.
At last! I had a part of my reproductive system that looked normal! The ultrasound finished with a pat on the leg by the technician and a comforting declaration of "That's about it, my dear"
"Thanks for your sensitivity" I told her & grabbed a handful of tissues before getting dressed. Back in the waiting room, I paid my bill while standing next to the moaning soon-to-be-legging-wearing-woman & her sneakered partner.
I cast an eye over her slim tummy & perfectly fitting jeans.
Skinny Girl, I thought to myself..... you may be with child, but my ovaries are prettier than yours.
It was the best $235.00 I ever spent.

In addition, I want to thank Bugsy for "tagging" me. Just as soon as I work out what the hell that means, I will get working on it! I also wondered if anyone could tell me how to start a blogroll? I want to add you girls to my site, but have no clue how to go about it.
Thank you & smooches all round.


Blogger Em said...

Glad your ovaries are purty! Mine are having serious personal grooming issues, what with the pidly little cysts all over them.
$235! - Is any of that rebated on Medicare? We are staring down the barrell of IVF so I am going to have to investigate costs and stuff.
I eagerly await your posts!

Blogger Ova Girl said...

Hey! Congrats Mony! Pretty ovaries are nothing to sneeze at.

I hate that shared waiting room scenario. I always feel like the fake in the room.

And the blog roll...I wish I could help, I am HOPELESS and have not yet worked the damn thing out on mine. It involves putting addresses into the code for your sidebar i believe and you can find info on it in the Blogger help section....

Anonymous thalia said...

Congratulations on your pretty ovaries. I'm glad something about this is going well for you. I'm also horrified at what you have to go through with all those pregnant women, and thanking my lucky stars my ultrasounds have all been at an IVF clinic - no obviously pregnant women allowed.

Blogger betty said...

What a great recount of your ultrasound experience, it was very familiar to me. I also have to go a clinic full of pregnant women when I have my ultrasounds. I usually sit deeply engrossed in a magazine with my eyes down in fear that someone I know will walk in (I live in a small town) and ask me questions about being pregnant. What if they asked me how many weeks I was? I'll be stopping by to find out how you go.

Blogger heleen said...

Waiting room agony... Infertility hurts most in waitingrooms full of big bellies. Or when you come in the emergency with another ectopic and you hear babies cry. Or also very challenging: in the changing room of the swimming pool. Sometimes I am changing there with my skinnny body surrounded by at least 10 naked big bellies. Oh!
My stepdaughter's Maltese terrier is pregnant and has a miniature big belly & titties. I look after her at the moment and I train myself not to be hurt when I see her tummy grow...

I wanted to help you adding links to your page but blogger doesn't allow to type the code in the comments...

Go to your template. Scroll down to < !-- Begin #sidebar -- > There you see the code for the items in your right column (about me etc).
Add your links there in html. The header is h2. Does this help?

Blogger Chee Chee said...

I am glad that things are going well for you and that those ovaries are looking fab! Good luck this cycle.

Anonymous kiwi said...

I'm glad your ovaries are looking good! Sorry about the waiting room from hell... I always hated that too, esp. the too proud fertiles that wanted ALL the world to know they were pregnant.

To blogroll, go to and when you have your account all set up, enter all the sites addresses you want to link too. Then copy the code in your template code, in the sidebar.

Blogger LabiaLady said...

See if this helps with your link list.

Sorry to hear about the fertile morons at your u/s. Fortunately my u/s is based at my IVF clinic.

Blogger k #2 said...

A waiting room of fertiles. I would die! I guess I feel lucky that my RE's office does all the u/s and they kindly kick the lucky ones on to their ob's after the first trimester. I would be PISSED off to have to stare at their bellies while in there.

Blogger heleen said...

Oh CoOL! I am on your blog list! THANKS!

Blogger Bugsy said...

yay, now that you know they are "normal" are you going to name them? huh huh are you?

p.s. this is what the tagging thing refers to --

Blogger Drew said...

That is excellent news mate - I love the word `normal' - anything normal is good and having a normal looking set of reproductive organs is an absolute blessing! You go girl!

Blogger Burnt Karma said...

Isn't it great when they find something normal after all that? I got pretty happy very early on when all the blood tests came back saying we were healthy.

I knew it was a bit silly, but at the same time, I figured there might be some bad news to come (was there ever!) so I'd better celebrate the good things when they came along.

Bet your eggs are fabbo too. May the party in the petrie dish be a winner!

Anonymous Jill said...

Ditto on all the congratulations on your lovely ovaries!

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