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Monday, February 27, 2006

Looking For Clues


Isn't that confusing?

Basically I am stuck in the middle of 2ww hell.

I have RSI in my wrist from compulsary undie checking.
I have never had my hands down my own pants so often.

I have had mild cramps at night ...similar to period cramps. Of course, I am ignoring them.

When can I test????????


Blogger Beth said...

"compulsary undie checking"

I am dying - since we've all been guilty of that one.

I'm hoping for great news for you.

Blogger Sparkle said...

Is your test day on Saturday?
I'm not sure how early you can poas, some people might start testing in a couple of days.
I hate the single pink line - so I never bothered :)
Any other symptoms?

Anonymous mm said...

I apologize if I end up posting this twice... it appears that my comment went to the big blog in the sky.

Wow... I'm amazed at your restraint. I would have started testing two days ago, but then again I've wasted hundreds of dollars on hpts over the years. Good luck, whenever you decide to test.

Blogger Mellie said...

You crack me up with your "I've never had my hands down my pants so often."

As for when to start testing, I think it depends on what kind/how sensitive the test you have is. When is official beta day?

Blogger N said...

Holding all my fingers crossed for you! I hope it all goes well. Will count down the days with you. When is your next RE appointment? Ultrasound?

Take good care of yourself!


Blogger Just another Jenny said...

THANK YOU!!! I am a newbie and I have been dying to figure out what the heck #dp#dt meant. All I could figure out was that it meant you were in the 2ww, but I didn't know what it stood for.
Compulsary undie checking is too funny! It sounds like your are keeping your sense of humor!

All the best.

Blogger Dramalish said...

When did you trigger? From my calculations, you would be about 13 days past trigger, yes? It should be out of your system by about 10 days past trigger, so any "positive" would be a real, true BFP.
As for when the second line would start to show up... that's the stuff that varies. I got a faint line 12 days past ovulation.

So POAS if you are itching to.. but if it's negative, remember it could just be too early. But if it's positive, you've got the real deal, Missy.

Good luck... lots of love and hope coming from me.

Make sure and use a First Response type HPT- the others might not be sensitive enough.

Blogger Ova Girl said...

Fingers crossed for you Mony. I was too scared to test before the beta... so I have never actually seen the double lines! Hang in there, not too long to wait now...

Anonymous thalia said...

You could test now with a sensitive test so long as a negative result (which might be false negative) won't make you insane.

When is your beta?

Blogger Em said...

I can't advise when to test. All I hope is you get the double lines! Thinking of you.

Blogger heleen said...

Ahhhh what a cliffhanger!!! I hope you blog soon to let us all know that you have good news!!

Blogger Drew said...

Mony me too.
I am getting bad cramps - looks like my one is going to shits. But hanging out for better results from you.
I am testing next tuesday. It's like eternity.
If you are not on any pregnyl injections, then you can test as soon as +12dpo (but only with very reliable pregnancy tests - recommendation by others). The most accurate is to get a blood test. But don't try this at home honey! :)
Take care and fingers crossed!

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