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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heads or Tails

When I started "Mrs Negative" and pieced together my blogroll I decided I would only list the girls in similar positions to myself. Infertile, starting treatment, un-pregnant, no children. Of course I still read & worshipped many other bloggers, I just didn't link them to my space. (I used YOUR blogrolls for that!)

On reflection when I look at my blogroll, in roughly 18 months more than half of my twisted sisters have become pregnant &/or delivered beautiful babes.

More than half.

Apparently this fertility treatment works.
It hasn't worked for all of us. Yet.
But it works damn it, and that's what I'm clinging to.
Now pass the drugs.


Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

Thank you for this stat, Mony. It brings me hope, and makes me realize that my flip-the-coin analogy is not just good in my head, it actually seems to be true! Just keep trying, eventually it will happen for us!

Blogger Krista said...

More than 1/2 hey? That sounds like a lot when it seems the blogosphere is always full of such sad news. I'm glad to here that stat, gives me hope that this might work out, if not this time, then in the next couple of tries.

Blogger Krista said...

Just read your comment on my post. Thanks, it is just Wednesday night here and I am on my way to bed and I am comforted by the fact that someone will be thinking of me. One way or the other, I should know what is going on tomorrow.

Blogger Thalia said...

There's a whole glass half-full glass half empty thing here. I often manage to look at that stat and note that there are some people that this never works for, and I find myself slipping inexorably towards them. I'm glad that you've got the opposite attitude!

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

that is why I keep trying, because I see women who have been trying as long as I have or longer and they do get PG, I will stay as long as I have to.
waiting on everyone's BFP!!

Blogger Alli said...

I'm with you, Mony. Bring on the meds! LOL.

Blogger Lut C. said...

I love it when I get to move someone to the PG after IF section, or better yet the arrived section. :-)
Your turn next?

Blogger LabiaLady said...

hope.. it's all about hope... and (I'm not religious by any means)but faith as well... for me it was faith in the science of IVF

It's your turn Mony...

Blogger Mellie said...

It does work. And it will for you. You go, girl. I'm here cheering you on.

Blogger Carol said...

It's a good stat - and it does bring hope. But it sucks when you're not one of the ones on the positive end of the stat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Negative is already Mrs. Positive... it's just a matter of time before the title carries a heftier meaning. I'm proud of you for your great attitude!!

And, of course, you're correct -- dimpled brunettes rock.

Blogger Sparkle said...

Well 50% is the top percentage they give for the youngest statistic - so that's pretty good going!

Even those of us still in the other half, the journeys are still going - and that's also worth watching.

Blogger UtRus said...

yes. exactly. and keep that hope. and perseverance. fngers crossed for your FET. they can actually work.

Blogger My Reality said...

It is those that actually do succeed at this that give me the hope that this could somehow work. I hope you are next to join the ranks of those who have succeeded with this journey.

Blogger heleen said...

My stats show similar figures. When I started blogging a year ago I added 10 women to my list. 4 out of ten (or 5 out of 11 if you include me) have kids now. There are 2 that have given up blogging so I don't know. One gave up art and is now adopting. And then there is you and 2 others. I really hope to change your names to my other list soon!

Blogger serenity said...

What a great way to look at it!

Pass them drugs over to me when you're done with them, eh? :)

Blogger theoneliner said...

that's true. and easy to forget. thinks for reminding us.
good luck with those drugs, girlie.

Blogger theoneliner said...

oops, i meant "thanks"

Blogger Krista said...

Hey, I see that you are cycling again. I really wish you the best of luck Mony. I want so bad for this to work for you.

Blogger Pixxiee said...

Nicely said. Hugs to you Mony! I want you to be on the other side...and soon :-)

Blogger MelnHead said...

I keep reminding myself of that very thing... that my blogroll was down to just 2 that weren't pregnant/new babies. I had to find more like me. So I wouldn't still feel like a failure. :)


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