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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Holi Daze

Holy Shit I love being on holidays.
The squalor, the loafing, the wet ponytail, the bare feet.
It is sublime.

We have been down South enjoying the beach & summer. Sleeeeeeeeping like imbecciles & drinking too much. From the bed in the Winniebago I watched Kangaroo's graze and scratch. I squealed at a wild baby bunny hopping, full of vermin cuteness. I listened to the rain through the night & ABC radio. Ate lollies for breakfast & a "Barry Sandwich" for dinner (Rissole straight from the open fire & chips squished between bread & lashed with BBQ sauce). I met dogs named Choco, Axle, Bingo & Roxy. I sat on the sand & watched my husband swim in his new Mambo boardies, hoping he didn't get taken by a Great White. I watched stingrays being hand-fed in a crystal blue bay & clapped at such a spectacle! I shoppped in gorgeous seaside towns. Buying important things like buttons, a painting & a second hand denim mini. I stood under a gigantic Morton Bay Fig tree & hugged an enormous branch that splayed majestically to the ground. It stood so wise & old. I soaked up it's history and wished it could tell a story or disclose one of it's many secrets.

The best part of my holiday is that I'm only half way done.

Goodbye 2006. Hello 2007.
May you be as delightful and delicious as a Barry Sandwich.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A delightful and delicious 2007 sounds lovely to me.

Happy Holidays -- I hope the time rolls by slowly for you. Wiggle your toes in the sand for me.

Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Even though I read your description of a Barry Sandwich I am still not sure what one is.

Doesn't it seem funny to have Christmas in the summer - or does it seem weird to you that we have Christmas in the winter?

Soak up a little sun for me too! p.s. - I'll send you the marshmallow roaster, it might come in handy and make a good desert to your Barry Sandwich.

Blogger Heather said...

Happy Holidays Sweetie. Sounds like you are having a blast! I'm glad.

Blogger serenity said...

Sounds like you're having a WONDERFUL time! Enjoy and happy new year, hon. :)

Blogger Robin said...

Sounds awesome!!! Wish I was with you!

Blogger Krista said...

Ohhhh... I would love to be on vacation with warm sun, sandy beaches, Barry sandwhiches and all the other great things.....

I am really missing the sun already and it is not even cold here yet.

Happy New Year Mony

Blogger Bugsy said...

That sounds devine. You will have to tell us the places you went to so we can copy you in future years and enjoy ourselves just as much.

I am so envious. I haven't had a holiday in 3 years. I have lots of leave owing to me to show for it but nothing else. *sigh* I need a break.

Blogger Beagle said...

Oh, how I'd love to have summer in January!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Barry Sandwich - Yummo...
Gotta try that one. Glad you are having a great time away.
Cant wait to hear all about at !.


Blogger Millie said...

Sounds like you're having a great holiday. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. Hello 2007!

Blogger Em said...

The hol sounds just divine!!

Blogger Dramalish said...

Oh, I swear I thought I commented on this already! Geez, where's my head???

I'm glad vacation treated you well.
Hope your 2007 is as wonderful as my 2006. You are the best Mony, m'love. And you deserve it.


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