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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I under-estimated how grand it would feel to be pregnant after our awful scare. I feel like this is Act II....a fabulous chapter. Our second chance to enjoy. The baby must be thriving. I am growing at an alarming rate. So much so that my belly is demanding all eyes be upon it. My co-workers (all guys) focused their gaze on my mid section yesterday & said things like "Where did THAT come from?" and "Holy shit. You're fatter..." etc. I did not mind the comments. I patted the gut & made an apricot jam & cheese sandwich.
My weekend was spent sewing baby items, dressing a cabbage patch kid up in onsies and generally day-dreaming about how splendid my baby will be. I continued reading the "Pregnancy Guide" books that my gorgeous SIL lent me. I am keeping an open mind while reading these "Pregnancy for Beginner" style books. I do roll my eyes more often than required. I fear that is a side effect of years dealing with infertility & assvice. I am a little shocked to discover the baby will actually come out of my vagina. I really hadn't put alot of thought into that. I'll worry about that tomorrow. One of my favourite chapters talked about eating (do's and don'ts) and I instinctively closed the book with a deafening Snap after reading this little tip on Eating/Travelling:
"...if you are taking a long trip carry a flask of milk or fruit juice."
Well, ain't that fucking rocket science. I would feel very sorry for the person next to me if a drank a flask of milk whilst hurtling along in a train. Pasteurised.
I also stuck a list of Boys & Girls names (that I like) on our fridge & instructed Peter to gaze at them whenever he went to the kitchen. He already told me we can't call the baby "Thank Fuck"... which was my first choice after the chromosome results.
I guess that would be totally inappropriate.
Despite the catchy way it goes with our surname.


Blogger Stacie said...

Plus, Thank Fuck would definitely get a lot of teasing in the school yard! You can only imagine what a pre-teen boy could do with it. I picture lots of moaning and groaning while they say it. You're right, though. It is catchy!

You cracked me up with your post today. I can feel the joy and relief you must be feeling right now. I am so happy that things have turned around and you are able to enjoy this pregnancy!

I vote for smooth sailing from here on out...


Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Thank Fuck indeed. I am so happy for you dear Mony. I hope that the rest of your pregnancy brings you nothing but happiness!

Blogger Sitting in Silence said...


So glad you are sounding happy again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, thats great DH has another idea for baby's name other than Thank F@ck. Glad all is well :D

Blogger Pixxiee said...

Hmmm...I think Thank Fuck is an excellent name. Will your hubby bar me from the blog?

I am so pleased you are so pleased! And, if you really wanted to (begging and pleading inserted here) can we see belly shots?

I'm a little shocked about the baby out of the vagina thing too. That's gotta hurt :-)

Hugs Pixxiee

Blogger Thalia said...

Hah.I think Thank Fuck would be a lovely historical reminder of how you felt, like all those early puritans naming their children 'perseverance jones' or 'new world brown'.

So glad you're enjoying yourself!

Blogger topcat said...

Oh Mony I am just so freakin happy for you. Yay, yay, and triple yay. xoxoxo

Blogger Gemini Girl said...

Oh Mony- you have no idea how relieved I am for you. I worried so much about you- even though I dont actually know you in "real life".

When can you find out the gender- that will make it easier with the names. I cant wait to find out- although I have NO boys names that I like. At all.

I hope all is well sweetheart and know that you have people all over the world who care!

Blogger Infertili-Me said...

I am right with you with the whole belly popping out thing.

I have picked up a few preg books as well.

They all seem out of date to me. They might have a page or two on ART and IVF. At this point, I am ready to write a book myself.

Thanks for your words of support on my blog.

Apricot jam and cheese....actually sounds really good right now......

Blogger PCOSMama said...

So nice to hear you happy and (relatively) care free!

BTW, not all babies come out of a vagina! My daughter was lifted straight from my uterus, and the next one will be too. Not sure that's any better though.... recovery sucks! I still think I prefer it to vaginal though - I much prefer pain in my belly to pain in my you-know-what!

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

Oh I like "Thank Fuck" ...very approrpiate :)

I love how wonderful and pregnant you sound. It makes me smile. :)

enjoy every bit of ACT II sweetie

Blogger Lut C. said...

You could always pick a name with the initials T.F. You'd know what it really stands for ;-)

Blogger Bugsy said...

ohhh it is so exciting, and you are right at the point where I started feeling movement. yay. You are so going to love the kicks. I stop everything to feel the kicks and my hubby has never touched my stomach so much. Ohhhh I am so excited for you. Love every second.

Blogger Sparkle said...

How wonderful to have the amnio behind you.
Picking names - seemed like a fantasy once hey?

Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Thank Fuck - too damn funny. What about "Finally" or "Effing Expensive".
The second trimester is the best, enjoy it for all it's worth.
I thought I was the only one that still played with my cabbage patch dolls.

Blogger hadjare said...

What kind of babies items are you sewing?


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