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Sunday, September 07, 2008


It happened.
Something I've been dreading.
Cooper had his first accident. Entirely my fault....a factor that made it all the more traumatic. I left him in his walker while I got dressed, foolish moron that I am.
He ventured on over to the gas HEATER....Oh My God. The scream hit me like a 1000 wild horses. The blood drained from my face as I sprinted to the lounge room. I knew right away. He was sitting right in front of the grille. Both his little hands were raised up, his face, oh man...he was screaming so much, he wasn't breathing.
I felt sick. I remember panicking, terribly. I whipped him out of the walker. I was saying "No! No! Nooooo!" I couldn't see where he was burnt... oh, mercy...there on his thumb & pointer finger! White hot marks! They progressed to blisters very quickly. I was lost in a whirlwind of worry, regret and awful guilt.
For about 2 hours he cried. Of course he did! My poor little baby! When he finally succumbed to his morning sleep I felt so relieved.
I sat on the lounge and bawled. Big heaving sobs! I couldn't believe I'd been so stupid. It could have been so much worse! The "what if's..." raced through my head. I rang my Mum. "Don't be too hard on yourself" she said sweetly. "He'll be alright, these things happen".
Yes, these things do happen! But it will never happen again!
I learnt my lesson at Cooper's expense. Now he looks at the heater with wide eyes. I shake my finger at the heater and say "Ouch. Hot. Uh-uh." He listens. And so do I. I know the months and years ahead will be filled with bumps, scratches & bruises. He's an inch from danger most of the day. Putting things in his mouth, rolling into furniture and pulling things off shelves (including a huge terracotta pot he lugged into his walker this week!)
It's all a part of growing and learning for Cooper. And it's all a part of being a Mummy for me. Let me soothe any hurt with cuddles and loving kisses. Here I am to dry the tears.
His and mine alike.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just de-lurking to say that I've been reading for some time and love your blog. Also, I can empathize with the ouch. You are an amazing mum if you've made it this far without an accident! My son is eight months and already I've managed to lock him in a hot car on a 90 degree day, let him fall off the bed (more than once), and pinch his fingers in every door we pass. And I swear I watch him like a hawk! I think it's harder on the mums than the babies!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had my little Bo-Bo moments with each of the babies and know how you are feeling. The fact is, we can't watch them every moment 24 hours a day. Give yourself a big and Cooper will be fine.

Sending big hugs!

Any plans for his 1st birthday?

Blogger JV said...

This post brought real tears to my eyes! You perfectly described the panic of seeing your baby hurt, potentially in a bad way - it made my heart skip a beat. As a new mom to a 7-month-old who started crawling into all sorts of dangerous corners, I can relate very much. You're a great mama. These things can and will happen, but I know what you mean. Hugs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor little guy and his poor mommy too! He will be ok and I hope you will be, too.

Blogger Isabel said...

I'm with your mom: don't be so hard on yourself. Accidents will happen, as much as we wish they wouldn't. And everybody is okay! Thank goodness.

Blogger Geohde said...

Oh, poor Cooper!

You would have felt just awful- and there's a real vulnerability in knowing that no matter how hard we try to protect them, there will still be lots of bumps and scrapes along the way. The thought makes me want to pad my house in bubble wrap and keep my girls in until they're thirty!


Blogger Stacie said...

Oh, poor baby! This reminds me of how truly terrified I am about the prospect of the boys crawling. I just know that there is going to be trouble at some point. It is really just a matter of when. I hope I'll know what to do when it does happen.

On a side note, when my nephew was about 14 months old, he touched a kiln my mother had. It heats to some ungodly temperature and had been on for hours when he touched it. He blistered all five fingers on his right hand. It all ended up okay, but he talked about the "hot" thing for months afterward! (hm. He's 18 now. I wonder if he remembers. Must ask!)

Blogger Topcat said...

Ohhh, you poor thing!! I felt sick just READING that. I literally nearly killed Tiger, when he was one. Shudder. Still can't talk about it.

At least Cooper knows, now, to not touch it.

Great pic!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo.

We all have to experience this at some point... I'm not looking forward to my turn. It's inevitable, I'm sure.

Blogger kateypie35 said...

I love your blog! I did not love that story though....eeek, poor you! Cooper will be just fine...babies, especially boy babies I am told (oh great), are always getting into little scrapes. Its not your fault, we can't watch them like hawks every single solitary second of every day...I mean a girl has to shower and poo once in awhile, right?

Blogger Runergirl said...

It has happened to all of us, especially right in front of our faces!!!! I hope he heals well and so do you!!

Blogger OvaGirl said...

Scary moment Mony, I had a similar one ages ago when I put Tricky's foot under the hot tap accidentally (the taps had been switched). He also burned his fingers on the outside of our stove one day, early on. But since then if he is in the kitchen and I say...go out, stove's hot, he goes out. And when we read about Maisie making gingerbread he always points at the stove and says 'stove HOT'.

Blogger Piccinigirl said...

Oh Mony, I am sure that was very scary..for both of you. Yet that happens to every parent (My mom loves to tell the stories of all the Sh*t we got into).
sending hugs, to you and Coop!!!

Blogger Lut C. said...

What an awful experience for both of you. I'm glad it wasn't worse.


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