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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Always A Bridesmaid!

How's this for a "Guinesse Book of Records" achievement? I have been a Bridesmaid 10 times.
I know! It's insane, huh? Considering I don't even have a sister, I am still gobsmacked by my popularity! I was a bridesmaid 9 times before I got married. So much for the old wives tale "3 times a Bridesmaid never a Bride" It was a bit of a running joke (oh, yeah...Ha Ha) that I would never get married. I had caught more bouquets than a Prima Ballerina.... and still no husband. Well, I did make it down the aisle at aged 30. Thanks to my years of 1st hand experience I was quite a Wedding expert by then. I knew exactly what I did & didn't want. I knew what worked, what was a waste of money & what was an absolute requirement. After I was married I presumed my bridesmaid days were behind me.
I was wrong.
The honour was bestowed upon me one last time. My big #10. One of my dearest girlfriends was married one year ago today and it was the most glorious, elegant, high-classed affair I'd ever participated in. It was the glazed cherry to top off my bridesmaid career. L was the most breath-taking Bride I'd ever seen in real life. And she behaved like a true lady. Unlike yours truly on her Wedding Day. But I'm sure you'll agree that after waiting sooooo long to be a bride myself I earned the privilege of swillin' beer, dancing on tables and brandishing "Thumbs Up" through white satin gloves.



Blogger Beth said...

You were a stunning bride! And I like you even more for swillin' that beer - we could definitely hang together.

Blogger Tiff said...

Gor-geous! Beer and all. ;)
I moshed at my wedding, so don't feel bad. hehe

Blogger Krista said...

You were a beautiful bride, and a true lady sometimes does not have near as much fun!

Blogger Milenka said...

Definitely a gorgeous bride! :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the photo... I'm grateful for video tape, or else I would not have any memories of my wedding. I was a drunk bride. I remember the vows, and after that is a blur.

Blogger Mellie said...

I think the white satin gloves allows you to do whatever you want and still look classy.

Blogger LabiaLady said...

a true blue aussie chick if I ever saw one... very cool...

Blogger Thalia said...

Great picture! I thought all aussie weddings would be uncouth (ducks!)

Blogger Just another Jenny said...

You almost look Canadian with that beer, I had to do a double take. You do look gorgeous in that pic. I am just going to do my second bridesmaid duty in 2 weeks, guess I am not so popular :( You must be a good friend and an even better bridesmaid!

Blogger Lut C. said...

I haven't even been to ten weddings in my life!

Blogger Mony said...

Thalia! Uncouth? Hee! Hee! Probably a good assumption!

Blogger Millie said...

Love that pic. Especially the beer. You were gorgeous and looks like you had a great time.

Blogger Drew said...

Hey Mony

I tried emailing you using the email you gave me - but it bounced back??
Can you try emailing me?
Sorry mate!

Look forward to chatting with you!!!

Anonymous Jill said...

Mony, you were a beautiful bride!

Blogger Pixxiee said...

Oh...I do love an Aussie with a bottle of beer in her hand! Just found your blog, good to reas about someone else going thru the same stuff! And...I just saw Olivia in concert in February - she was so lovely. I got to stand about 6 inches from her car as she drove off and I floated the rest of the night. You gotta be a 70's girl to understand huh?

Anyways, good luck with the IVF - remember, husbands have NO clue what we go through, so try and forgive him just a bit :-)

Paula (Kiwi...)

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