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Friday, May 05, 2006

Thank You

....Ah, thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I am chuffed that despite your own ordeals you cared enough to reach out to me.
I usually don't write about my domestic drama's. Frankly, they embarress me. I don't tell my real life friends or family...because it seems silly & things usually sort themselves out quickly enough. I guess yesterday I was so disappointed in my husband, lamenting the fact that I had the only jerk husband in the world. I needed someone to tell me I was OK, and it was him who acted like a baby. You did. Thanks. P uses very strange tactics to vent his frustration. He'll pick a fight with me & then let loose. I do take the brunt of his emotions, good & bad. It certainly isn't easy. I know he was baiting me with the "Dinner" comment and I know that if I'd reacted then we would have ended up in a big fight, I would be crying, I would have to come to work & pretend everything was fine & get through a rough day. I wasn't worth it. But I know it's wrong to let him speak to me that way, I hate it. I'd do almost anything to avoid a fight & unfortunately that includes letting my husband be dominant & at times walk all over me. Bad. Bad. I hate to admit it. I wish I was tough like many of you! Anyway, I know that many marriages have problems, all different kinds of problems, sometimes the woman, sometimes the man. I can't pretend my marriage is perfect. Although I am happy most of the time, sigh.....I'll shut up now.

Anyone seen the trailer for the new Lassie Movie. Oh. My. God. I will bawl my eyes out.
Love & Peace ladies.


Blogger Just another Jenny said...

Uh oh, I see a bit of myself here. Too often I bait my husband into a fight. So many times he ignores me like you did your husband. I am going to try and think of this (like I did your panty post) when I treat him that way and remember how it made you feel. I don't want to make him feel that way and I bet your husband really doesn't either (at least I hope so).

New Lassie? Please, worlds biggest dog sap here. I'll have to take the SK's to see it.

Blogger Krista said...

I'm glad things have worked themselves out. Infertility can do very nasty things to marriages and to our sense of security. Hope things continue to go well.

Blogger Mellie said...

Oh Mony, marriage is hard in the best of times. But don't go getting all down on yourself. You rock! And your husband is lucky to have you as a partner in life. Tell him I said so.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you not sharing problems like this with your friends. If you do, they get to see the ugly side of the relationship, but how often do we let them in on the kissing and making up that inevitably occurs and all the nice things we say to each other in our attempts to make things better? They only get to know him as a B***ard. But.... I do agree that you need some way to share this and get it off your chest - what better way than blogging?

Thinking of you...

Blogger Maya said...

Mony - I can totally relate. I think my husband and I bait each other. Marriage is sooo difficult and I don't believe anyonne who says there's is perfect. We're here for you.
PS You asked is I lived in Aus because of Surfer's name. Nope we live in Southern Calif, US. Surfer has been to Aus several times though. He loves it and I am sure he'd rather be there.
Glad you're on the mend

Blogger Twisted Ovaries said...

"I'd do almost anything to avoid a fight & unfortunately that includes letting my husband be dominant & at times walk all over me."

Wow. Me too. And every time I wonder what happened to me, that lets me make myself do that.

Blogger N said...

Sweety! You are so strong. How can you write that you are not! Just not always in all situations. Nobody is always strong!!! No marriage is always perfect. None. And it wouldn't be good either, would it? It would be boring if everything was so fucking perfect...

Am thinking about you!!! And hasn't started here yet. Any good?

Hugs from one strong woman, aka. me, to another strong woman aka. YOU!

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