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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You Can Leave Your Hat On

At 2 weeks old, my niece is enjoying her title of "Newest-Family-Member" to it's fullest. Her reign will be brief as her cousin is due to steal the crown on Feb 26.

I hosted a baby shower for my other SIL on the weekend.

While it may seem odd for a weathered infertile to host such a celebration in the face of her own barreness, it was incredibly easy & enjoyable. I always say, when hosting a baby shower for someone else make sure:

1: You love the person very much.
2: You provide cupcakes & alcohol on equal quantities.
3: You have a range of 80's Rock CD's to blast.
4: You have a wide variety of hats in your possesion.

You see, once the faint hearted guests nibble cakes, sip tea & take their leave, the hard core, party animal friends & family can empty vodka bottles, marvel at "Cock-Sucking-Cowgirls" in a CASK and play "Jessie's Girl" till the cows come home.

The hats are my party trick. Once copious amounts of liquor have been consumed. I gather every hat I own (cycle helmets, shower caps, sombrero's) and unleash them on my guests. The party will intensify once all drunks are hatted. It is well documented that you become a great dancer and a comedian with a hat on. ........At least in my company.