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Mrs Negative embraces her tardy Positive. Life after IVF and loving the son I never thought I'd have.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Royal Easter Show

Sydney-siders flock to the annual Royal Easter Show.
It's the same every year. Chaos. But I love going.

The crowds, the rides, the animals, the food. Kids plan weeks in advance which showbags they want.

It's a hideous rip off in so many ways. Everything cost 4 times more than it should....but still. It's FUN. This year Cooper was big enough to enjoy the Carousel. My voice went all high pitched as I loaded him onto a prancing stallion. "Ooooohh! who's riding a horsey?!!" We waved frantically to Nanny with each passing rotation (I waved...Cooper cantered) It was completely precious. The Easter Show has a whole new level of fun for me now, through my son. Next year perhaps he'll get his face painted, feed a piglet or demand the Dora showbag. Oh, sweet childhood. Embrace the days of innocence. My 14 year old cousin proclaimed that she'd rather be dead than wear a rain poncho, despite the frequent downpours. Not that long ago she was a Carousel rider too, waving to the crowd & not the least bit concerned about how her hair or lip-gloss looked. That's what I love about growing up with the Easter Show. At first you just ride the Carosel & grip your balloon, then you progress onto obnoxious air brush tattooed teenager, then pram pushing proud parent & one day you just go to admire the pickled fruit.
The memories are worth every grossly inflated cent.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


A blog entry for April.
Lazy bones is finally walking. Teetering & flailing...collapsing onto his lounge. His preferred mode of transport is still his 3 wheeled bike. He hurtles down the hall way, taking corners like a speedway racer. He just can't operate unless he has something on his head. A hat, a headband, a bowl!

Funny little bloke. He is completely in awe of "Toy Story"....over & over...infinity, beyond & back again. I know it word for word. My favorite line is "That's MR Potato Head to back stabbing murderer"...such fun for the kiddies. Oh and when Buzz is paging Star Command & ponders out loud "Why don't they ANSWER??" It's a total crack up.."The mystic portal awaits.." Man, I need to buy "Finding Nemo"
See you in May.....and "'s a Combat Carl.."