Mrs Negative

Mrs Negative embraces her tardy Positive. Life after IVF and loving the son I never thought I'd have.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


What about another baby?
I know that life after infertility can still be a rocky road.
Many of us ponder the possibility of another child. A sibling for our miracle babies. Dare we dream?

Of course we dream. But for me personally, I think my IVF journey has finished. I always told myself that I would be happy with one child. Understatement. I would be completely, totally content with one child. If I could get one. I still feel that way. And for that I am thankful. The pain, longing & sadness of IF has disappeared from my life. It's a memory buried deep within.
A scar that's faded almost entirely. If we had frozen embryo's left over perhaps I would feel differently. I'm sure I would. Who knows if my desire for another child will surface again in the coming years? I suppose that bridge will be crossed if & when. For now, I cherish every second of my new life. Free from the harrowing, consuming hurt that IF brings.
I am "me" again.
I longed for "me" so often during our struggle. The carefree girl I was. Lost amid the brutal sadness.
A baby introduces so many things. Most importantly, it re-introduces you to yourself.
Hello Mony.
I missed you. Welcome back.

Stay right here, in this wonderful life of ours & long no more.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sun & Sand

It is quite a blessing when your relatives have the marvellous idea of building their home on the beachfront. It's a bigger blessing when those relatives throw open the doors & welcome visitors to stay for a day, a night, or a couple of both. Imagine waking up to this everyday.

It's truly beautiful. We just spent 2 lovely days at my Aunty & Uncle's house playing on the sand, eating & relaxing.

I am pinching myself...and occasionally those cheeks.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


A recent purchase, a "Jolly Jumper" has been worth every cent. It is Jolly for the participant and any onlookers!

Watching him bo-ing & bounce & leap is by far the most hilarious thing I've witnessed in a long time.
And he loves it!
He also had his 6 month needles which was traumatic for both of us! He was so cute beforehand, tugging on the Doctor's stethoscope & cooing. Even Doc said "You're breaking my heart!"
Cooper & I go to work for Daddy on Friday's. The office has room for his cot & toys etc, so it's quite manageable to take him along.

He gets to see Daddy at work too, which is nice for both my boys!
It's my 3 year anniversary for Mrs Negative. 3 years! Thanks for sticking around!